People Threw Kids Out of Windows of Burning Colorado Building, Witness Says

Nearly two dozen residents forced to flee their burning apartment complex were injured after some jumped from balconies to escape the flames.

"People were throwing kids out of the windows," said James Evans, who lives in a third-floor apartment.

At least 60 people escaped into freezing temperatures, some jumped to safety and others were rescued by firefighters, authorities said.

Firefighters were trying to determine whether anyone was left inside. "To be honest we have no idea right now," fire Lt. Jeff Sievers told The Gazette newspaper.

Fire officials did not immediately return messages left by The Associated Press.

The streets were coated with ice from firefighters' efforts to hose down the blaze, which broke out sometime before 1 a.m. The cause was not immediately known.

"I just woke up and it was on fire — everything was on fire," he told The Gazette. He said he tried to lower himself to the ground by a television cable, but the cable snapped and he fell, suffering an injury. It was not clear how badly he was hurt or how far he fell.

Memorial Hospital Central said 23 people were taken there with sprained ankles, broken bones and other injuries, but none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

One firefighter also suffered a minor injury, Sievers said.

The apartment complex has 130 units and at least three floors.