Miss New Jersey Gives Up Crown Due to Pregnancy

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," January 15, 2007, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: Another big scandal is tonight's "Big Entertainment" story. Yet another pageant queen is giving up her crown. This time Miss New Jersey is in the hot seat. The 20 year old is stepping down because, drum roll please, she is pregnant.

First we have Tara Conner, Miss "Boozer" USA, who was actually allowed to keep her crown. Then we have Miss "Naked" Nevada Katie Rees, who lost her crown after racy photos of her were found on the Internet. And now we have Miss "Pregnant" New Jersey.

What is wrong with all these pageant bad girls? With me now is Star magazine's Jill Dobson, who is also a former Miss USA contestant.

JILL DOBSON, STAR MAGAZINE: Never dethroned, John, never dethroned.

GIBSON: Never dethroned, OK. So evidently there's a rule in place that Miss New Jersey has run afoul of that if you are with child you can't be a Miss USA.

DOBSON: Right. The problem with all three of these girls is that there's a whole, you know, 25-page contract that each contestant has to sign that says, you know, I won't do anything illegal, I won't do anything immoral, inappropriate. I'm not pregnant, I have never been pregnant. I'm single. I am a woman. It's just all sorts of things.

The pageant wants to cover its base and make sure they get a certain type of person in there. And if you break the contract you're out of there. And it looks like all three of these girls have broken those contracts.

GIBSON: Well Miss New Jersey, I mean — she's on the bottom of the screen — she's marrying her boyfriend, she got pregnant, one assumes by her boyfriend. This isn't doing something, shall we say, unnatural. She's pregnant.

DOBSON: And it's not wildly unusual in today's society for people to get pregnant first and married later. Certainly all the celebrities I'm always covering, that seems to be the order of events for them. But the pageant rules that have been in place for a long time kind of follow a more traditional idea that a girl should be single and unpregnant.

GIBSON: Meanwhile, this is not great for the Miss USA pageant, one would think. Take a look here at this roster, just to make sure. The Miss USA bad girls: Tara Conner in rehab, Miss Nevada, kissing girls and Miss New Jersey, pregnant. So what is up with Miss USA?

DOBSON: I don't know. It's a bad year for the program. And it's a good year to be a first runner-up because of these girls who are sitting home, you know, eating ice cream all of a sudden are going to be running to the gym and getting in shape for the pageant.

GIBSON: The other thing is that with the first two rounds of Miss USA problems, all of a sudden Donald Trump was in the news a lot, most recently engaged in a battle with Rosie O'Donnell. Would I assume now that there is another round of bad stuff...

DOBSON: Rosie better run for cover.

GIBSON: Rosie is going to get her bunker?

DOBSON: I think so. It sure looked like maybe his attack on Rosie was a good way to deflect attention away from all the negative things going on, particularly the Miss Nevada situation where there was nothing really good to come out of it. He just had to fire her and move on. And now this girl is out of there and there's no way to salvage her, so he's going to have to either start up a new war with Rosie or get some good ratings for "The Apprentice."

GIBSON: Jill Dobson, a former contestant in Miss USA herself, thanks a lot.

DOBSON: Thank you.

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