'Meth' Coffee and Pet Cockroaches

"Meth" Coffee?

Lots of us rely on caffeinated beverages to wake up in the morning: coffee, tea, energy drinks, or anything that gets us going. But coffeemakers in San Francisco have jumped on the extreme caffeine bandwagon and launched a coffee said to deliver quite a high.

The new blend is called "Meth Coffee." Don’t worry — the jolting java contains no illegal drugs, even though the name makes obvious reference to methamphetamines. It’s not the only designer drink that boasts a questionable name. Late last year, Redux Beverages LLC introduced an energy drink called "Cocaine."

"Meth Coffee" hit the market last Wednesday and can only be purchased online.

Pest or Pet?

Personally, if I saw a cockroach, I would run the other way. In China, however, people can’t get enough of ‘em! Oddly enough, roaches are the new "hot pet" among young women in China. These creepy crawlers are selling for about $12.50 each and certain types are even being imported into the country from America. These "in demand" roaches run 3-4 centimeters long and are of the wingless variety.

What do you do with a pet cockroach? Well, you feed them fruit and vegetables and let them crawl on your hands. If you’re thinking, "How gross!" Perhaps you can rest easier knowing that these critters are sanitized before they are sold. Not helping your mental image? Mine either.

Shoplifting Chemists

I guess this shoplifter paid attention in chemistry class. In Stockbridge, Georgia, four men attempting to shoplift a toy from a local Wal-Mart took some pretty extreme measures to ensure their get-away. A store employee witnessed the attempted theft and when he tried to apprehend the thieves, one suspect reached for the swimming pool chemicals on a nearby shelf. By combining a chlorine-based chemical with another item, he created small explosion that produced a thick, white cloud of smoke allowing the perpetrators to make their escape.

This drastic stunt resulted in seven people being treated for respiratory problems, four of them being sent to the hospital for additional treatment. Local law enforcement said because the explosion was set off, these fugitives increased their shoplifting misdemeanor into more serious charges, including one of "terrorist acts."

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