Toymaker Hopes to Profit From Saddam 'Dope on a Rope' Doll

A Connecticut toymaker is hoping to strike a chord with its "Dope on a Rope" doll, a figure depicting former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in his last moments, with a noose around his neck.

This isn’t the first such undertaking for the company. also sells dolls depicting other famous personalities and events, such as Michael Jackson’s dangling his child over a balcony in Germany, as well as Usama bin Laden, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The Saddam doll depicts the full-bearded ex-leader wearing a white T-shirt with the words “Dope on a Rope” in red letters and a noose around his neck. It sells for $24.95 on the site.

Click here to view a picture of the doll on the Web site.

“Of course, it’s not gonna be received well by everyone," the company's president, Emil Vicale, said on Monday in a phone interview with FOX News.

“We just follow what’s on the news. ... The highest-ranking people in [the Iraqi] government put it on the Internet."

Other versions of the deceased dictator include Captured Saddam, Crack Head Saddam and the Butcher of Baghdad. In all, Vicale said, the company sells 36 political action figures.

Cell phone footage of the execution found its way to the Internet last week, and depictions of the deposed Iraqi dictator's last moments have been blamed for the copycat deaths of children in several countries.

The "Dope on a Rope" and other political dolls produced by seem to be geared toward adults.