Suspect Arrested in 3 New York Bike Path Murders

A man suspected of strangling a jogger along a bike path last fall has been linked by DNA evidence to her death as well as two other, similar slayings in the early 1990s, police said Monday.

Altemio Sanchez, 48, a husband and father of two, was arrested Monday, more than a week after being placed under surveillance.

Police said they obtained a DNA sample from Sanchez that matched evidence found at the scenes of three homicides carried out by an attacker police called the "bike path rapist." Police said the DNA evidence linked the killing to at least six other unsolved sex attacks in the area between 1981 and 1994.

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Authorities believe all the victims were attacked from behind while alone in a remote area and strangled with a cord or clothes line.

Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark said he expects Sanchez will be charged with the three killings.

"Whether other crimes beyond those three are ultimately charged, I think is going to await further investigation," Clark said.

Joan Diver, 45, a mother of four, was found strangled along a bike path Oct. 1, two days after she went jogging.

Unlike the previous cases, however, there was no evidence that Diver was sexually assaulted.

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