Arizona Poll Doesn't Favor McCain for 2008 President

Sen. John McCain earned the dubious distinction of most "unacceptable presidential candidate" in a straw poll conducted by Arizona Republicans over the weekend.

Maricopa County Republicans also put their home state senator behind three other potential 2008 presidential contenders as their first choice for president.

In the poll conducted on Saturday, a total of 381 voters named Rep. Duncan Hunter of California as their first choice for president with 96 votes. Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney came in second place with 82 votes and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich came in third place with 53 votes. McCain earned 50 votes.

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Though the voting could signal an embarrassing start for McCain, who ranks at or near the top of virtually every other poll of Republican presidential preferences, bloggers responding to the rankings noted that straw polls are not scientific and questioned the equal distribution of the ballots at the meeting of county Republican committee members.