2 NATO Soldiers Wounded in Roadside Blast in Afghanistan

A roadside explosion hit a convoy of NATO-led troops in southern Afghanistan on Monday, wounding two soldiers, an alliance spokesman said.

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The blast occurred west of Kandahar city in Kandahar province, where most of the troops are Canadian.

The two wounded troops were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, said Squadron Leader David Marsh, a spokesman for the NATO-led troops in southern Afghanistan.

Militants often use remote controlled explosive devices in their fight against foreign and Afghan security forces.

The level of violence has gone down recently during Afghanistan's winter, but in 2006 the country went through its most violent period since the ouster of Taliban in a U.S.-led invasion in 2001.

The Taliban last year launched a record number of attacks, and some 4,000 people, most of them militants, died in insurgency-related violence last year, according to a tally by The Associated Press based on reports from Afghan, NATO and coalition officials.

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