Report: Is Posh Spice Turning to Scientology?

Is Britain's most famous couple turning to Scientology?

David and Victoria Beckham may be moving stateside because Posh Spice could be considering converting to the religion of "new best friend Tom Cruise," the London Sunday Express reports.

“I’ve spoken to Tom about Scientology," the paper quotes Victoria Beckham as saying recently. "I’m quite inquisitive but I don’t know anything about it. They do what they do and they’re cool.”

The Beckhams attended Cruise's wedding last year to actress Katie Holmes outside Rome. Last week, David Beckham agreed to a five-year, $250 million contract to play midfield for the Los Angeles Galaxy, a Major League Soccer team.

The paper, citing unnamed friends of the couple, reported that Scientology has been to blame for arguments between the pair.

“David is not so keen on the whole celebrity jetset, certainly not as keen as Victoria," an unnamed friend said. “She is far more receptive to the idea of Scientology and has been reading up on it while David is dead set against it.

“He doesn’t mind being friends with Tom and Katie but he is not interested in Scientology. He is worried that once you become a part of it, it is difficult to extricate yourself.”

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