Toddler Dies After Head Crushed in Florida Car Wash

An 18-month-old girl died after her head was crushed by an automatic car wash machine, police said.

Jaharra Brown slipped out of her aunt's car while her mother and aunt vacuumed their cars Thursday. She wandered into the car wash, which was about 35 feet from the car, police said.

It was unclear whether the toddler fell down inside the car wash or was knocked down by machine parts, Police Chief Glenn Kimbrel said.

A boy inside a vehicle going through the car wash noticed Jaharra lying on the ground next to a car-carrying rail. The boy told his mother, who began screaming for help, The News Herald reported.

Customers pulled the child out of the car wash. Emergency medical personnel took the girl to Tallahassee Regional Medical Center, where she later died.

It's not clear when the mother and the aunt realized Jaharra was missing, Kimbrel said.

"We've not done a detailed investigation yet with the mother, given the circumstances," he said.

Kimbrel said he was not sure if charges will be filed.