Why Jimmy Carter's Advisers Are Resigning

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Ex-presidents deserve respect, so I've never said in public all the big things I think about Jimmy Carter.

But let me tell you now about other people who think it is time for Jimmy to retire from public pronouncements, such as his latest book in which he describes Israeli policy toward Palestinians as "apartheid," the segregationist and supremacist strategy of the old regime of white South Africa.

A few weeks ago one of the Carter Center's leading figures, Emory University professor Kenneth Stein, resigned in protest over the former president's book. Today another 14 resignations came from members of the Carter Center's Board of Councilors.

The resignation of these Carter Center advisers come with the note that they believe in his book, "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid," Carter has voiced support for terrorist violence against Israel in order to change Israeli policy. The advisers also say Carter has emboldened the anti-Semitism of white supremacist groups.

I haven't read Carter's book. The people who resigned from the Carter Center may be right.

What I do know about Jimmy Carter is his public pursuit of a Nobel Prize as a rebuke to President Bush, his insistence that U.S. elections don't meet the standards of even Third World countries holding occasional balloting, and, of course, his disastrous presidency.

My main point about Carter is simply this: Since he was sent from the White House with a hearty good riddance, Carter has been trying to make people forget how bad his tenure in the White House really was.

I just have one bit of advice. Never forget. Never.

That's My Word.

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