Where's the Grown-Ups?

Yesterday on the Live Desk, Martha MacCallum responded to the never-ending Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump feud by asking when a grown-up will finally step in and break up the childish schoolyard fighting between the two celebrities.

It began almost a month ago, when O'Donnell, a commentator on the show The View, chastised Trump for giving Miss U.S.A a "second chance," after her innapropriate behavior and drinking underage were revealed. O'Donnell asked the audience what gave Trump moral authority to say what is right and wrong — especially since he had multiple divorces.

Trump fired back at the comedian, calling her such names as "pig," and "degenerate." Multiple fights escalated, and has even brought The View's executive and co-host, Barbara Walters, into the brawl.

In a letter to Rosie, released to media outlets, Trump alleged that Walters did not like the comedian, and continuously switched her side on the fight; Walters responded yesterday on The View, calling the Donald a "poor, pathetic man." READ MORE

As Trump and Rosie continue their "War of Words," FNC wants to know — What side do YOU choose — Team Rosie or Team Donald? E-mail us at speakout@foxnews.com and jump into the discussion!

"I think Donald Trump is an idiot for behaving the way he is. He is merely fueling the fire. I don't think as harshly on the other side, because that's what women do ... gossip and make comments of others." — Peter

"I DON'T CARE! Every celeb knows that negative publicity is still PUBLICITY! How about we talk about something that's REALLY important?!" — Dennis (Gloucester, VA)

"This is getting crazy. Look what we are teaching the kids. I think Barbara is lying. Donald is upfront on everything. Better yet, I think this is a ploy between them to up their ratings." — Carol

"Who among us can walk by a train wreck and not look? People do not genuinely care about these immature antics of these goobers. I just find it to be amusing." — Brian

"I think someone needs to stop this childish behavior. I didn't like Donald Trump before this all started, and I like him even less now. I would like Rosie to be the adult here and just let it go. I believe that will show Donald he is a pig." — Barbara

“I am on Donald’s side. Rosie was the one who started it all.” — Aidia

“As much as I dislike both of them, I have to side with Donald Trump. Rosie is well known for her abusive manner with those around her, and should have known that Trump was not going to take the initial abuse she dished out. You can get away with abusing those around you, but don't take on the heavy hitters. I predict Walters will leave and Rosie will take over the show and the ratings will not be what they once were. ” — Alex

“It’s about time someone shut that woman up. I hope Donald Trump did it once and for all. I never liked her and always thought she was a hypocrite, on all things she voices exceptions to.” — Jim

“Sadly, Barbara would rather jeopardize her friendship and reputation with the Donald and others, to back someone that clearly has her own agenda, is loud and rude. Donald should have no comment now; Rosie will ultimately harm her reputation more.” — Michelle

“Donald all the way.” — Jenny

“It’s obvious that the bickering will not end on its own. Barbara Walters jumping in has only escalated the situation. The only way to end it is for the media to stop sensationalizing the event! It’s boring. When my kids’ arguments and name-calling gets to this level, I just say, 'It’s time for this to end, do not talk to each other, do not look at each other and do not even think about each other.' This technique helps them to realize that, although they do not always like each other, they do admire each other in different ways. It also makes me the bad guy. I openly welcome the blame because it shuts the two of them up. If the media would stop publicizing these stupid comments and letters Rosie and Donald send and say to each other, they WILL STOP.” — Jackie

“Neither of these people are what I want my children to hear about, they are harmful role models. Having money does not make you a role model, but it gets attention. Giving someone a second chance is noble; calling someone a ‘pig’ has NO honor at all. Celebs and businessmen that bicker and are flat-out MEAN, by calling each other names.” — Nancy

“Donald is acting very inappropriately and should pull his foot out of his mouth and shut up. Why is he not being called out as a bigot, like Mel and Richard?” — Matthew

“I feel Rosie, once again, over stepped her boundaries. Yes, Rosie is on show that likes to gossip about other people’s lives, but Rosie need to watch her mouth on judging people on morals and ethics. Rosie is not a follower of either; she will in fact destroy The View just like she did her own show. This program she is on is called the “VIEW” and not the Rosie Show, or maybe Barbara, whom I’ve admired the most, needs to change the name of the show. Sorry Barbara, you have really disappointed a lot of people.” — Ernest

“I think that Rosie is a loud mouthed arrogant bully, and everyone has been afraid to go up against her, they took her insults and swallowed them and she just got bigger and stronger” — Star

“I'm with Rosie, she made a good point. Who does he think he is, giving any kind of advise to a young girl, and dismissing the bad drinking and partying she did? What gives him the right for him to give her the right to keep her crown? She was supposed to be a role model for our children, so is he going to play GOD and tell perhaps my child that its ok to be drunk and be a party girl? What happens when she gets out of "rehab" and does it anyway? What hap ends because of his decision, she goes out and drinks, and drives and kill someone? What then? All I can say is YOU GO ROSIE!” — Donna

“Rosie is right. Who is "the Donald" to judge other people’s morals, when he has very few. The man has cheated on two wives, with who knows how many partners! ” — Helene

“This war of words is pathetic, immature and unprofessional.” — Barb

“She's annoying, he is worse and he has gone over the line. He is a loser and a narcissist.” — Judy

“I am most definitely on the side of Donald Trump. Rosie is a bully and a very mean-spirited person. You would think that Rosie, who has had a second chance with The View, would have been more compassionate toward Miss U.S.A. I hope that Ms Walters realizes this. Rosie is only out for Rosie, no matter who gets hurt or maligned along the way.” — Mari

“I agree with everything Donald Trump has said about Rosie. Donald Trump is too shrewd a businessman to ever put those statements in print (in his letter) if they weren't true!” — Barbara

“I hate to tell you, but, 'Rosie vs. Donald' is NOT news. Get over it. If you stop fueling the fire it will die out.” — Dawn (Ocean County , NJ)

“What a jerk Trump is. O'Donnell is a comic, she will always speak before thinking. Lets move on folks. Stop reporting on this crap.” — Paul

"I vote for Rosie. She made a perfectly valid comment in December (maybe not as tactfully as she could have) and Trump went into attack mode like a vicious dog, attacking her weight, her intelligence, her appearance ... pretty nasty stuff. I think Trump is using it for publicity, like he did with Martha Stewart. I believe the folks in his circle should take note ... he will turn on you as fast as a whip, without analyzing what provoked him. He is out of control." — Patti