The War of the Rosie

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The GretaWire mailbag is almost full!

Time to post some of your e-mails — as usual, randomly picked:

E-mail No. 1

The Rosie/Donald thing should reveal what a spoiled, lying, show-off, bigoted baby brat the Donald is.
His not taking the high ground and blowing off a few dumb comments shows that he's not so great after all. What's that expression, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall?" Well he WAS big, but now he resorts to any means, insulting millions of "regular" people, using and betraying friends, showing what a lousy role model he really is to all those aspiring apprentices, and even getting his kiddos and his trophy bride to come to poor little Donnie's defense… He's nothing more than fluff, like his do. And do you know who he could never even hold a candle to when it comes to qualities like dignity, courage, and class?... little Bindi Irwin… now she could teach the loser a thing or two!
M Salazar
El Paso, TX

E-mail No. 2

The funniest part of the ridiculous feud is that BOTH of them are correct in their assessment of the other.
Birmingham, AL

E-mail No. 3

I was disappointed in the way you handled the Rosie and Donald feud. Donald came on your show and presented his side of the story. Rosie was invited but chose not to appear or give her side. You had a poll of the viewers as to which side they favored. Of course they sided with the Donald -- his was the only side presented by you. Greta you are a lawyer. In a court of law in the USA we have a chance to present both sides of an issue before a verdict is rendered. You should have presented both sides of the feud, instead we only heard the Donald's side. What justice is that for Rosie? If both parties could not or would not present their position there should never been a vote as to whom one supports.
A Rosie supporter, a liberal thinking, heterosexual, married, thin woman

E-mail No. 4

It's Wednesday and today is the first day I have found your blog back. Yeah!!! I like to know your thoughts seen as I seem to watch your show almost every night. I also like to know what other viewers are thinking.
As for Jug… he always struck me as a jerk.
And the farthest thing from a jerk is Shep. What is up with that old-fashioned monitor? I could hardly believe my eyes! Shep is just the coolest guy around.
I agree about those cheerleader witches. My two nieces were like that a few years ago. I told them I was totally embarrassed and ashamed the way they acted.
I have a suggestion regarding a follow-up to a very interesting story. The case is out of the Bay area of San Francisco and I couldn't find a link to provide more details. Hopefully if this intrigues you, you could check with Hammer. The story is of a teenage girl found in a duffle bag three years ago behind a Carrow's restaurant. She was from South America? And was just identified a couple weeks ago. There is a suspect, but no evidence. Anyway, it brought closure to her family. The detectives who worked this case never gave up and I would like them to see national recognition. They just got some kind of commendation from Mayor Gavin yesterday.
Well, gotta get and I missed Shep again.
Also, thanks for letting us know about Harris. She was totally out of control about a month ago, stating "FOX, the most powerful name in news, you know it," but it was with the vigor and enthusiasm that made me crack up.
Take care and if you head to Newport Beach CA, check out the Balboa Bay Club. It used to be one of my favorite haunts. Lots of rich people and celebrities and here this scrub of me got to get in. I knew the sales staff.
Reno, NV
(Snow is predicted tomorrow, yuck!)

E-mail No. 5

I just read about Beth and Jug Twitty. Oh, what a shame, but statistics were not in their favor. As always they will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you're well and rested after the holidays. 2007 started out with a bang news-wise and looks like it's not stopping for anything. Take care.

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
It seems to me that Barbara Walters is the loser in this fiasco. I have always admired her for her dignity, grace, and professionalism. She is now caught up in the Rosie-Donald affair, and this, in my opinion, does not do justice to her image. She should chastise her co-host for carrying on like a child. It is up to her to keep that loud-mouth, Rosie, in check. Instead, Barbara condones O'Donnell's actions. Rosie has been fighting with everyone and making many outlandish statements, i.e. let a dog lick your child's diaper rash. The ratings may be up but they are up as a result of the Jerry Springer-like circus it has become. The show formerly was informative and gave one something to ponder after hearing the different views of the hosts on topical subjects. Now, the main topic is Rosie's opinions. O'Donnell has brought the show way down in my estimation and she should be fired (as The Donald would say).

E-mail No. 7

Hi Greta,
This is the first time that something has actually bothered me enough to send you an e-mail. Rosie started this whole feud with Donald and it was funny for a while. What is really troubling me is that I grew up watching Barbara Walters and admired her and felt she was a very powerful women. I don't understand why she would throw away a prestigious career and stoop so low as to make comments and sling dirt back at Donald. Why won't she just say No More talk about the feud on "The View" with so many news worthy stories going on all around us all the time.
If they stop talking about it I'm sure it would go away. It is truly below Barbara and diminishes all that she has stood for if she continues to be a part of this ridiculous mess. This is going to hurt Barbara in the long run because of all she has done in the past and what she has accomplished. Rosie is being herself and nobody expects anything more from her. Most people are on Donald's side and don't care at all for Rosie, but Barbara is in a separate league and no one can be impressed by her actions lately.
Alina B.Vega
Georgetown, SC

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