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The GretaWire mailbag is almost full! Time to post some of your e-mails — as usual, randomly picked:

E-mail No. 1

Dear Greta,
I read on the net that Jug Twitty has filed for divorce from Beth. What a shame. Poor Beth has lost so much. Her seemingly idyllic suburban life was "here today and gone tomorrow" when Natalie disappeared. Now she is loosing Jug too? She looks so bad, so skinny and worn. What a horrible nightmare she must be living.
Orlando, FL

E-mail No. 2

This public feud between Rosie and "The Donald" has gotten so tacky that perhaps Vince McMahon of WWE fame might like to sign them up for a "cage match" — lol. Anyhow, have a good show, Greta.
All my best,
Frank E. Murphy, Jr.
Aiken, SC

E-mail No. 3

Who is Angelina Jolie to dis Madonna about "laws"? Jolie is a husband-stealing winch with no morals. How long until Pitt finds his next soul mate?
Have a good day,

E-mail No. 4

Were you in Newport Beach, CA last Friday? I was walking into the Newport Beach Yacht Club and someone who looked like you was walking out.
If not, you have a clone somewhere.
Scott David
Newport Beach, CA

ANSWER: Nope, but it sounds like a place I would like to go to.

E-mail No. 5

I have been a customer of Home Depot since the beginning. However, I have noticed within the past several months that there always seems to be something missing when shopping for a particular item. They are temporally out of the item or they don't carry a particular item anymore. They seem to have become "sloppy." Now, since the severance pay for their departed CEO has come to light, I don't plan to shop at their store anymore. I personally don't feel that anyone should be paid for sub-par performance. That is what is wrong with out Country. I don't care who the CEO is, no one is worth that kind of money and I consider it a slap in the face and an insult to my intelligence.
Respectfully yours,
Garland Barnes

E-mail No. 6

Unfortunately I shut down the computer before your show last night. I wanted to tell you my husband works for Home Depot. People have a very wrong image of the place. It used to be a great place to work; not any more. What a "laugh" that Nardelli got (more than) enough money to live on for the rest of his life. I hope he donates some! The day his firing was announced in the paper, the stock actually went up. How this payoff will really affect the company should be interesting. hopefully it doesn't affect the shareholders (negatively).

E-mail No. 7

Dear Greta,
Until Jan 5, 2007 I was a worker for Home Depot At Home Services Deck Division. In November, I was not paid for three weeks. My contract stipulated that I was to be paid weekly. After going through normal channels and getting nowhere I called the president of U.S. remodelers, the Home Depot contractor (the point of contact listed in my contract) and left a voicemail. Action was taken and I finally did receive my pay, though no return phone call. Three weeks later I was terminated, allegedly for making that call, although no official reason was given. Unlike Mr. Nardelli, I did my job and I did it very well for three and a half years. I guess if I hadn't, I too would have received a $210 mil kiss me package.
(By the way, $210 million dollars could have been spent giving 21,000 workers a ten thousand dollar Christmas bonus each. Do you think workers receiving such a bonus would be motivated to improve productivity and customer relations, thereby enhancing profitability and ultimately stock values? It's not income redistribution; it's getting the biggest bang for the buck that stockholders should be demanding.)
Alexandria, VA

E-mail No. 8

Let me be sure that I understand your comments last night (Jan.8) on your show. You want your freedom to speak from your large platform about the CEO's contract with Home Depot and his resignation. You want the freedom to complain about the board's application of his contract, but you want to deny Home Depot's freedom to pay whatever they choose to whomever they choose. This country is great because of capitalism, but with people like you leading the charge, we are heading for a distribution of wealth society and a fall of the U.S. greatness. Perhaps you should go back to CNN!
Sue Lawson

E-mail No. 9

My daughter was bullied and mistreated by girls at her school in Tuslaw, a tiny suburban high school in Massillon, Ohio. They even hung signs on our front door saying horrible things about her. She was threatened, bullied and treated bad to the point she had to quit the cheerleading squad and move to another school. This is a real, live problem happening in all our schools everywhere.
Christine Betz

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