George Michael Pleads Not Guilty to Drug Possession, Driving Under the Influence

Pop star George Michael pleaded innocent Wednesday to charges of being unfit to drive and possessing marijuana, following on the night he was found passed out in his car.

Michael, 43, who was referred to by his birth name George Panayiotou, was not in court, and the pleas were entered by his attorney, Keima Payton.

Judge Katherine Marshall provisionally set a trial date for April 23, but Payton said blood samples taken from Michael on the night of his arrest were not legal, meaning the trial should be scrapped.

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"Are you saying prosecution should not take place because it is unfair?" Marshall asked.

"Indeed," Payton said.

Arguments were set for March 7 to discuss whether the blood sample taken from Michael was inadmissible. The judge excused Michael's attendance for that hearing too.

Michael was arrested on Sept. 30 after motorists reported that his Mercedes was blocking traffic in north London.