20,000 + 132,000 = Success?

The president is expected to release his new plan forward for Iraq tonight, which is expected to include a surge of 20,000 or more troops — in addition to the 132,000 already deployed, and over 3,000 that have died in combat.

In addition to the increase in troops, President Bush is also expected to ask Congress for a billion dollars, to help accelerate Iraq's economy — this, adding to the $400 billion already spent on the war.

Both Democrats and Republicans on the Hill have opinions on the president's alleged proposals, with some saying a troop surge will be a "tragic mistake" and calling Iraq, "Bush's Vietnam." Others believe the effort in Iraq is pivotal for national safety, and it would be "dishonorable to take away the bullets," from soldiers on the battlefield. READ MORE

FNC wants to know what YOU would do if YOU were president — would you support a soldier surge, or would you send the troops home?

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