War on Terror Continues

"Our war on terror begins with al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated."

President Bush's words, following 9/11, were widely accepted, as the nation dealt with the pain of the largest terrorist attack on the U.S., since Japan attacked Peal Harbor nearly 60 years prior.

While the U.S. continued to search for 9/11 mastermind Usama bin Laden, it continued its War on Terror in Iraq, with the recent execution of their murderous former dictator, Saddam Hussein.

Now, in a retaliation almost ten years later, U.S. Air Force gunships opened a new front yesterday, by attacking suspected Al Qaeda hideouts in Somalia, that may have been housing those responsible for the 1998 embassy bombings. READ MORE

FNC wants to know what YOU think — should the U.S. keep expanding the War on Terror?

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Here's what FOX fans are saying:

"The short answer to the question is 'I don't know.' That is what our government is supposed to do, but it seems more interested in playing partisan politics than doing what is needed to protect us. I wonder if we would have won in 1945, if we had the same people with the same attitudes then, as now. I seriously doubt it. Pitiful." — Calvin

"Yes, strikes against terrorists and their supporters need to be made wherever they are. If that means we need to make bold covert strikes in unfriendly countries or territories, so be it. We cannot allow any place to be a safe haven for these terrorists, and the countries that might harbor them need to learn this. The purpose of terrorism is to instill fear so concessions will be made, so trepidation or fear is something we cannot afford to show." — Ed (Redmond, WA)

"I can think of over 6,000 reasons why the answer is yes. We need to continue to show al Qaeda that you can run but you can't hide." — Orie

"You pose a very important question that will impact future American generations. Sarcastically, I could say that we shouldn't open any new battle fronts against terrorism or terrorists. We should, as the Democrats, appear to invite, tuck our tails and withdraw from every foreign soil where America is trying to thwart terrorism. Then, let's wait until they conduct suicide bombing attacks on our soil killing innocent men, women and babies, as they attend a movie. But if we wait, it'll be too late to do what we are doing now — take the fight to them, and have it in their backyard, not ours." — DeWane

"We are at war. The enemy has rallied to Somalia, so we strike them there. I believe the American press has largely convinced the American people that this is not a 'real' war. Unfortunately, the enemy knows this a real war, and is extremely determined to destroy America, if they are able. There can be no safe haven for these killers. Whether in Iraq, Somalia, Iran, or where the bad guys show themselves we must go after them. If we are really interested in supporting our troops, then support them to victory — anything less is a lie." — John (Wisconsin)

"We must fight the 'War on Terror' on all fronts, as the president stated after we were attacked. If we do not take the fight to them, they will bring it to us at home. The only thing that the terrorist understand is that if violence is perpetrated against the United States, we will perpetrate violence against them 10 times as hard. They will respect exactly that. The sooner we figure that out, the sooner this war will become a thing of the past." — Craig (Huntington Beach, CA)

"I feel that if a terrorist organization strikes at us, or any U.S. facility in the world, then we have the right to continue pursuit until we annihilate them. Don't give them an inch of time off from looking over their shoulder. If another country is harboring these terrorists, then go after them also, like we did with Omar Kadafi. We should have the right to profile any race or greed or color if we feel that they may us. It only takes one to through to do a lot of damage and loss of life. We need to preempt them before they do us. So let our border patrol agents and our armed forces do their job, and kill the enemy with extreme prejudice." — Keith

"Absolutely! This will be a protracted effort spanning years and continents. Better to fight it offshore than at home. If we ignore the threats, it will spread to within our borders." — Peter

"As long as there are those who would enforce their views upon others with violence, the United States should oppose those people with all force necessary. This said, America should also take steps to ensure that every Palestinian has a good paying job and that oil revenues are shared equally between every citizen of the oil-producing nations of the Middle East. Furthermore, the United States should continue to practice democracy and to share democracy with the rest of the world." — Craig (Vancouver, WA)

"Terrorists worldwide need to be defeated if we and the rest of the civilized world are to be safe and secure." — WEA (Bismarck, ND)

"Concerning the war on terror, the western world, or civilized nations, must totally destroy ideologies that threaten human survival. The real and serious question is, are we truly aware of the actual threat the terrorists pose, and do we have the will to destroy these forces which are very determined to destroy us?" — Donald (ret. US Army)

"I am really horrified that Congress wants to repeat the mistake they made when Clinton was in office, when he refused to send more troops to help those who requested them — we saw what happened — Somalia! Not only should more troops be sent in, but the money appropriated to fund them as well!" — Jason

"Quite simply, we have to expand our War on Terror, as the terrorists expand. And until the rest of the world realizes the true nature of this threat we will continue at it alone." — William (Pine City, NY)

"Without a doubt, we should keep expanding the war on terror. It is better to take the fight to them instead of letting them bring the fight to us." — Adam

" I believe that the answer is very simple. It is obvious (at least to me) that if we don't fight these people over there, we will be forced to fight them here. Iraq is a magnet now for terrorists, as long as we have troops in the middle east the terrorists will be drawn to that region." — John

"The War on Terror must continue to be our major defense focus for this country. I fear the terror war will never end, but just because you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, doesn't mean you shouldn't go in. Our country's future depends on this campaign against people who seek to destroy our way of life. It is a sad fact, but our government and our people must face it." — Steve (Kentucky)

"Absolutely, we need to expand our war on terror! Let's boost our efforts around the world and ignore the Dems' nay saying." — Traci (Boise, ID)

"They most certainly should expand it. The security of this country is vitally important and that can only be accomplished once these people are stopped. The president is steadfast and resilient in the mission. That is what this country needs. Someone who isn't afraid to stay the course and who doesn't back down when opposition come up." — Stephen

"Passivity has proven an ineffective strategy in Europe. If we don't expand the war on terror, who do we suppose will? Think they will suddenly be overcome with a generosity of spirit that says, Live and let live? No, they are going to keep coming. It is good that Bush understands this and can stand the heat of all those who don't. Someone has to have the courage to take the fight them." — Donna (Dallas, TX)

"Consider how Russia or China would respond to a deliberate attack on their embassies. Consider the mindset of a radical Muslim, who believes it is God's will to kill everyone who will not convert. Our only hope against such an enemy is to understand the threat they pose and to battle against them. Those who suppose we can negotiate and appease our way out of danger are deluded. I hope the majority in this country wake up to the realities that face us before they hit us again, while we still have the power to respond." — Don

"We didn't ask for this fight, but we're in it nonetheless. It's just like cancer. How aggressively you attack it depends on how much it will really hurt to treat it?" — Steve

"Most emphatically we should aggressively pursue the terrorists wherever they can be found." — Elaine

"Absolutely yes! We need to take the war on terror to where ever they are hiding, training or operating before they come to us ... and they are coming." — Steve

"The U.S. should hit al Qaeda and al Qaeda sympathizers where ever and when ever it can. In the case of Somalia, the official government supports our attack on the terrorist training center. Hats off to Ethiopian Christians who recognized the threat of radical Islamists next door to them and reacted." — Ted (California)

"The president is right! We have to attack the terrorist where ever we find them. If we don't , we'll be fighting them in our back-yards." — TD (Pittsburgh, PA)

"Absolutely. Our military must seek these extremists/terrorists out wherever they are and destroy them. This is a war that will go on for a very long time, and it is a battle for global freedom which these extremists are attempting to extinguish. Thank God for our troops and their commanders." — Joe (Maine)