Pelosi and Dems Are Already Breaking Promises

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Monday I said that Nancy Pelosi's agenda should be called "Breaking Promises." I cited examples small and large.

Small was the five-day workweek that went out the window in what, the first week? I got these complaints: Republican John Boehner was the one who wanted it because he wanted to see his Ohio team in the bowl championship.

Look, Boehner and the Republicans lost because of stunts like that. Pelosi won promising those days were over. So she's in charge. She can tell Boehner no. Can't blame him now.

The large one was the broken promise that Democrats would support the troops. Pelosi's supporters are correctly quoting her when they insist she said Democrats would support the troops already in Iraq, but not any new troops.

In my opinion, that is a distinction without difference. If she wants to de-fund the troops, make them come home, she should say so straight up. Instead we get a weaselly backing away from the promise to always support the troops. Always, but not always.

Pelosi wants to sound tough about making Bush admit he's lost the war, but she won't go all the way. Why? Because it's a big risk to say, "I think the war is lost, and I want the troops home now." It's what her supporters want, but it is dangerous for a politician to actually say, even a far left-winger.

Teddy Kennedy introduced a bill in the Senate backing the Pelosi approach: no money for the troop surge. The troops already there get bullets and beans but nothing for new arrivals. Even Sen. Joe Biden says that is folly, and he's on the Kennedy and Pelosi side.

The people who want the war to be lost want it hollered from a bullhorn — loud and proud — for some reason. But they never engage the question: What happens if the U.S. declares it has lost and leaves?

Sure, Bush can then be blamed, but we may be too busy fighting Al Qaeda in midtown Manhattan.

That's My Word.

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