Why Admitted Child Killer May Walk Free

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Did you hear that the confession of John Couey in the murder of Jessica Lunsford has been thrown out of court?

You must have heard about the confession. Talking to the cops he says point-blank that he buried her alive — alive and conscious.

That kind of confession is so grotesque, and the voice is so matter of fact and so disgustingly honest, it really does stick with you.

Well the judge threw the confession out and now they have to prove that Couey killed Jessica Lunsford on other evidence. Hope they got it.

Now is this one of those cases where you blame the judge for suppressing the evidence to convict because of a technicality? No, not by a long shot. That's because the other thing you hear a lot of on the tape is John Couey asking for a lawyer. But you never hear the lawyer show up.

So what you're left to conclude is the cops heard him ask for a lawyer, ignored the request, and kept asking him questions. This violates the first rules in "Cop 101." Or does it?

You had to know that the judge was going to throw out the confession, and you have to think the cops aren't dumb. So can we now conclude that the cops knew that Couey killed her, and they knew how he killed her, and they knew if they had a tape of Couey's voice telling exactly what he did then it wouldn't matter what the judge did because every possible juror for 5,000 miles around would also have heard the tape?

That is how things work in our modern media world you know. If that's what they were thinking, it is clever, even if it is illegal. However, it's also chancy.

Judge Napolitano told me if he were sitting on the case he would not let a juror into the box if they'd heard the tape and said they could put it out of their mind. That juror would already be polluted through and through.

So what we're left with are dumb jurors. Jurors who haven't heard what everybody else has heard. Those are just the kind of jurors that just might acquit a guilty man. And for a cop, that is taking a huge chance.

That's My Word.

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