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Video: Sympathy for Saddam? Father Jonathan debates the controversies surrounding Saddam's execution.

If you haven’t browsed Friday’s post, have a look.

While we may not have come to a consensus on anything (imagine that!), the smart exchange probably enriched our differing opinions, and that alone was worth our while.

But perhaps we should take a breather from a theological debate. After all, there is good reason to question the person who spends more time talking about God than he does talking with God. While I catch up on the latter, today I’ll use this space to take care of some housekeeping items. And for this, I need your help.

In 2006, this column had big growth in both regular and first time visitors. I’m grateful in particular to those who have stuck with me from the start. I appreciate every one of your standing invitations to drop by for a chat over a cup of coffee in Mississippi, apple pie in Wisconsin, steak in Texas, or gumbo in Louisiana. Believe me, if I could, I would be there in a second.

Big numbers, however, mean very little to me if individual readers are not getting what they need. With each passing year, information overload threatens our ability to focus on helpful news and opinion. Sometimes we stick with the same old sites because it is too painful to navigate through the cyber jungle. Maybe that’s why some of you are still here!

With all of that in mind, I would like to ask for your input, as I determine how to improve this column space in 2007. Our overarching objective is clear and it will stay the same: provide ethical, social, and religious commentary to ordinary news.

Until now I have focused on three areas:

1) Breaking news

2) Social trends

3) Ethical dilemmas

So, here are my questions to you as we begin 2007:

1) Which of these three categories above do you find most helpful?

2) Is there another category I should consider?

3) Are there any particular issues you would like me to discuss?

4) Do you like the section of links to other articles (What I’m Reading ), that I often add to the bottom of my post?

5) Would you be interested in a weekly video-blog? It would be a 2-3 minute taped video commentary on a particular social trend or ethical dilemma.

On a final note, one reader suggested I dedicate a column to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This would allow me to respond publicly to some of the “random” questions you send my way. Over the next couple of days I’ll look out for messages with the subject title of “FAQ” and try to put something together for later this week or next (depending on breaking news.)

So go ahead and fill up my In-Box! Once again, thanks for a great year.

God bless, Father Jonathan

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