Report: Prince William Plans 'Attack' on Photographers Hounding Girlfriend

Prince William lost his mother in a high-speed car chase with paparazzi; he's not about to take any chances with his girlfriend.

British media reported Sunday that the 24-year-old prince has become increasingly frustrated as photographers continue to hound his girlfriend of three years, Kate Middleton, amid speculation of a possible royal engagement.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that the prince's legal staff is preparing a "three-pronged attack" against photographers: filing complaints with the British Press Complaints Commission, using human-rights legislation to file civil suits against overbearing snappers, followed by criminal action on harassment or traffic violation charges.

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"Like any member of the public, Kate Middleton is entitled to protection from harassment and the increasingly aggressive behavior of the paparazzi," a royal aide told the Sunday Telegraph.

The report comes on the heels of tabloid reports that suggest a royal engagement between the pair, who met as students at St. Andrews University. Reports of an early morning police escort for the pair fueled the speculation among British tabloids such as the Daily Mirror.

Photo Essay: Kate Middleton, Prince William's Girlfriend

"She is the new Diana," said Trevor Adams, of Matrix Syndication, told the London Sunday Telegraph. "We were with Lady Di every day at this stage until the engagement was announced. It will be the same for Kate, but we will not hound her."

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Middleton, who turns 25 on Tuesday, works for the British fashion company Jigsaw in London, while the prince is posted to his regiment, the Blues and Royals of the Household Cavalry near Windsor Castle, 25 miles from the British capital.

On Monday, an official inquest will begin into the 1997 death of Prince William's mother, Diana, at the Royal Courts of Justice.

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