Sleep Away the Pounds!

Lost Dog Gets Lucky

When you loose your dog, you hope he hasn’t gotten far. Chances are he’s just taking a stroll around the neighborhood. But what if he’s crossed state lines — many states? Daisy, a rat terrier from Colorado, went missing seven months ago, but was found on Christmas night — in Tennessee! The 2-year-old dog was found 1,300 miles away from her home. Daisy’s owner has no ties in Tennessee, which leads her to believe her dog was stolen. Daisy was reunited with her owner on Wednesday, after being flown home to Colorado.

National Guardsmen Overrun at Border
Late Wednesday night National Guard troops were forced to retreat their post on the Arizona- Mexico border when a number of gunmen overran their post. The National Guard troops have been helping the Border Control man this well-known drug corridor. In the last year alone, Officials have seized 124-thousand pounds of marijuana in this area. Thankfully, no one was injured in this incident, however the gunmen got away, fleeing back into Mexico.

Sleep Away the Pounds
Nutritionist and author, Cherie Calbom, was on today telling us how getting good night’s sleep can help us loose weight. You can find a link to her book, "Sleep Away the Pounds," on my website

Here are some Cherie’s tips to optimize the weight loss benefits of a good night’s sleep:
• Quiet the mind: Most of us are high speed. Slow down an hour before bedtime.
• Keep slices of turkey in your fridge at all times (not alcohol or sleep meds!)
• Keep a calcium tablet by your bed at all times (magnesium, too). When your body is deficient in these, you sleep less.
• Wiggle your toes 12 times before going to sleep. It's a signal to the brain.
• A low-carb diet helps with sleep, and of course, weight loss.

Dr. Manny was on my show today telling us that Mom wasn’t always right — slouching might not be as bad for your back as she warned. Dr. Manny showed us a variety of back supports we can use to help us position our spine correctly. It turns out sitting up too straight is bad for your back. Studies show that sitting at a 90-degree angle puts more strain on the lumbar disks in your lower back. Ideally you want to sit at a 135-degree angle and there are many back supports on the market to help us keep our spines at this angle. The key is to find a back support that fits your back and feels comfortable to you.


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