Former Penthouse Pet Accused of Running High-Priced Brothel in Georgia Suburb

For years, Lisa Ann Taylor's neighbors suspected something was going on behind the doors of her white-columned, million-dollar mansion in one of suburban Atlanta's most exclusive neighborhoods.

Scantily clad women were seen posing for photos in the driveway. Cars and trucks came and went at all hours. And there were loud parties.

Despite repeated calls to police about the suspicious goings-on, there was no evidence of a crime. That is, until six weeks ago, when authorities were tipped off to a Web site showing Taylor — a former Penthouse Pet of the Month — sprawled topless on an ottoman and brazenly advertising services ranging from 300-dollar one-hour photo shoots to "dream dates" that included a one-hour "show."

Police raided the red-brick mansion Wednesday and found what they described as a high-class brothel and the headquarters of a call-girl ring whose customers received favors limited only by their imaginations and their ability to pay.

District Attorney Danny Porter said among the services offered was sex with the centerfold and other women for an entire weekend for ten-thousand dollars.

The 42-year-old Taylor and her alleged business partner and fellow call girl, 30-year-old Nicole A-Probert, were arrested on charges of prostitution, racketeering and conspiracy to possess cocaine. They were released from jail yesterday on 27-thousand dollars bail each.

The DA said the brothel's customers included doctors, lawyers and businessmen, and they, too, could face charges. That warning could make men jittery across Atlanta and beyond. Taylor and her friends are accused of using their Web site to offer their services during visits to Boston, New York, Chicago and suburban Milwaukee.