A Numeric Profile of the New Congress

Some facts about members of the new 110th Congress taking office Thursday:

• The average age in the 110th Congress is 57. The average age of House members is 55.9; the average age of senators 61.7.

• The average age of freshman members of the House is 49.3 and the average age of freshman members of the Senate is 54.2

• There are 90 women in the 110th Congress, 74 in the House, including three delegates, and 16 in the Senate.

• There are 10 women in the freshman class of the House and two women in the freshman class of the Senate.

• There are 42 black members of the House. Of these, three are freshmen and two are delegates. There is one black senator.

• There are 27 Hispanic members of the House, including one delegate. Of these, one is a freshman. The Senate has three Hispanic members.

• There are seven Asian members of the House, including one black member of Filipino descent. One of these is a freshman. There are two Asian members of the Senate.

• There is one Native American member of the 110th Congress in the House.

• Protestants, grouped together, make up the largest religious group in the 110th Congress. But the largest single denomination is Roman Catholics.

• The freshman class of the House has the first Muslim and the first two Buddhists to serve in Congress. The rest of the class comprises 45 Christians and six Jews. Of the Christians, there are 18 Roman Catholics, 17 Protestants, six nondenominational Christians, three Greek Orthodox Christians and one Mormon.

• 131 members of the 110th Congress have served in the military, 102 in the House and 29 in the Senate.

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