Man Sues Over Ostrich's Impotence, Depression

You mess with a man's ostrich, you mess with the man himself.

The ticked-off German man is suing three local teens for playing a prank he says led his feathered friend to become impotent and depressed.

He claims the three boys set off firecrackers near the bird, which caused the damages to the creature's well-being, Reuters reported.

The man is asking for $6,596 in damages from the youths, aged 17 and 18, because he said their prank ruined his dream of starting an ostrich farm.

Due to the bird's newfound inability to perform, the farm won't be populated with baby ostriches anytime soon.

"The man claims that he lost out on the possible births of 14 chicks and he also wants compensation for the vet's bills," the spokesman for the court in eastern Germany added.

Where's the Beef?

A savvy calf escaped a nasty fate on New Year's Day in India when he refused to be led to his slaughter with hundreds of goats and buffaloes.

The clever critter would not "go gentle into that good night," and instead charged into a nearby warehouse.

The calf managed to keep the butchers away until he was rescued the next day by some animal activists, the Associated Press reported.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was called in by police after seven hours of attempts to get the animal out.

The SPCA members managed to get close enough to treat the calf, who was injured after running around the warehouse, with a sedative.

"His body was bruised because he ran around the warehouse and was hit all over," said J.C. Khanna of the SPCA. "But he is the luckiest animal out of so many thousands that were slaughtered that day. He saved his own life."

You Are So Two-Faced!

RURAL RETREAT, Va. (AP) — People are flocking to a farm in Rural Retreat to see one of the newest arrivals at Kirk Heldreth's dairy farm.

Word has spread about a calf with two faces that was born Dec. 27.

Heldreth says the calf breathes out of two noses and has two tongues, which move independently. There appears to be a single socket containing two eyes where the heads split.

He calls it the craziest thing he's ever seen, but says the calf is healthy otherwise.

The calf has two lower jaws but only one mouth. Heldreth feeds her through a tube, and acknowledges he probably can't maintain that feeding schedule for long.

The calf was the product of artificial insemination, which was supposed to create a genetically superior specimen.

Bob James, a professor in the dairy science department at Virginia Tech, says that such births are unusual. James said the abnormality could be caused by a developmental problem or a genetic quirk.

Meet Me in Po Biddy

ATLANTA (AP) — Po Biddy Crossroads will be back on the map. So will Hopeulikit and Doctortown.

The 488 communities wiped from this year's version of the state highway map will be restored, the Georgia Department of Transportation said Wednesday.

"These communities are as much a part of the fabric of our state as our major metropolitan areas," said Vicki Gavalas, the department's spokeswoman.

The towns were erased from the map after the transportation department decided it wanted a clearer, more legible version of the map to hand out for free at visitors centers and tourism hotspots.

The move led to an outcry among some small-town officials, who said the erasure of places such as Cloudland, Poetry Tulip and Chattoogaville were an insult to rural residents.

News of the cartographic change prompted a flood of map-related letters and phone calls to the governor's office, as well as a number of complaints from legislators.

"We're glad that they've seen the light and put it back on there," said Dennis Holt, who led an effort to restore the name of western Georgia's Hickory Level. "Our concern is: Will they do this again? We'll be waiting; we'll be watching."

New Years Resolution No. 5: Don't Go to Jail

DYERSBURG, Tenn. (AP) — A Texas man wanted on an outstanding warrant turned himself in to police so he could start 2007 with "a clean slate," police said.

Christopher Lee Torres, 29, was wanted on a probation violation warrant for assaulting a police officer in Kleburg County, Texas, in April 2006.

Torres called police from a Dyersburg motel on New Year's Day and told them he wanted to be taken into custody.

Torres "said that he'd thought about this all night and decided he wanted to start the new year off on a clean slate," officers wrote in their report.

Torres was being held in Dyer County Jail pending extradition to the Texas county's seat of Kingsville, about 37 miles southwest of Corpus Christi.

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