Write to Congress!

On Thursday, Democrats will have the new majority in the House — a takeover that people perceive will bring significant changes to Capitol Hill.

In a guest column in The Wall Street Journal, President Bush wrote that the new House will serve the American people by solving problems that many don't expect them to tackle, let alone serve.

"To do that, however, we can't play politics as usual," he said. "Democrats will control the House and Senate, and therefore we share the responsibility for what we achieve." READ MORE

FNC wants to know — what priorities do YOU want to see the 110th Congress focus on in 2007? Write a letter to Congress and tell them what you think!

Send your letters to speakout@foxnews.com and check in later to see if it's posted!

"I'd like them to work on illegal immigration, achieving victory in the war in Iraq, reduction of all taxes and energy independence." — Mel

"The new Congress needs to look at:
1. Immigration
2. National Health Care
3. Our senior citizens
4. Manufacturing jobs
5. Global warming
6. Gasoline rip-offs
7. Domestic issues." — Randy (Frewsburg, NY)

"I hope they stop the steady flow of illegal aliens into our country!" — R (Knightdale, N.C.)

"I am hoping that the bipartisan cooperation 'promised' by the Democrats will actually come to fruition. If it doesn't, I think they'll find themselves voted out of office in the next election. The border is also a huge concern to me. Something must be done to stop the illegals. I don't believe we're violating anyone's right by trying to stop illegal border crossings, or returning persons who have entered the U.S. back to Mexico. They are not here legally — they need to go through proper channels to enter and remain here. The issue of division of Church and State also needs to be brought back to an acceptable level. To disallow religious beliefs and symbols is as much a violation to Christians as to anyone else. When did being Christians become illegal? For example, Madison, Wis. celebrated Kwanza with a city-wide, city-sponsored celebration; but there is no city-wide, city-sponsored Christian celebration allowed. Health care costs, including prescription drugs and health insurance, are also huge burdens on the families and senior citizens in this country. I'm hoping we can move forward to a more reasonable level of affordable health care. " — Carol (Poynette, WI )

"Congress should:
1. Secure the border, establish a fair legal immigration policy, grant no citizenship or amnesty to illegals and punish people who provide fake papers and jobs for illegals. No social security for illegals.
2. Have a good program to ensure that we win the war on terror and keep wacky dictators from getting a nuke.
3. Keep the tax cuts. More taxes will lower productivity." — Cathy (East Windsor, NJ)

"Congress should secure borders; deal with illegal immigrants; protect Social Security and Medicare; deal with Iraq; lower taxes especially on the retired/elderly; establish some form of National Health Care for Children and the indigent; establish English as the national language; focus on what is wrong with education; and curb national spending." — Liz

"Please draft legislation to limit Congress to one term of service for both the Senate and the House of Representatives. One, eight year term for the Senate and one, five year term for the House. This would get rid of lobbyists, let Congress focus on work and not re-election, and give the people a break from all those obnoxious campaign adds!" — Donald (Laurel, MD)