Survey: Real-Life 'Desperate Housewives' Have Regrets About Husbands

So much for happily ever after. A new survey has found a shockingly large number of blissful brides turn into desperate wives.

If given a chance to do things over, more than half of 3,000 married women polled by Woman's Day magazine and AOL were not sure they would marry their husband again — with more than a third saying they would definitely not pick the same spouse.

In the online survey, which was not scientific, more than three-quarters of women also said they fantasize about a man other than their husband — and 39 percent admitted to constantly flirting.

Three-quarters of the women also admitted keeping secrets from their husbands — like the crushes they have on celebs. On the top of the fantasy list for women who like sexy married stars are actors Will Smith and Ben Affleck. They each received 31 percent of the vote.

Not surprisingly, the survey found that wives are not the only ones whose thoughts and bodies stray to others.

Nearly half the women said they suspected their husbands of cheating or caught them in the act.

Ignorance, the women said, is not bliss — 84 percent said they would "absolutely" want to know if their spouse was being unfaithful.

A lot of women apparently become bored in the bedroom. Nearly a third said they stick to the far side of the marital bed. Another third said they don't have time for sex with their husbands.

Just 10 percent of married women said they usually don sexy lingerie in bed. More than half prefer a ratty T-shirt or comfortable pajamas, while a third sleep naked.

The biggest rows between married couples are caused by petty disputes, say 51 percent of the women. Money, with 27 percent of the vote, also was high on the list of reasons why husband and wife fight.

The survey also found women spent time thinking about celebrity match-ups.

The most unusual matchup had anchorwoman Katie Couric bedding one of the hottest eligible men in Hollywood, George Clooney.

Nearly half of the women said they wanted the hunk to end up with Couric, while 31 percent thought New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg should pair up with the CBS anchor.

Actress Jennifer Aniston should hook up with Matthew McConaughey, according to 47 percent of those surveyed.

Jessica Simpson belongs with Hollywood hunk Josh Lucas, according to the poll.

And the real-life desperate housewives in the poll felt "Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher should get it on with John Stamos, of Uncle Jesse fame in the TV sitcom "Full House."