Mother of Slain Groom Begins 50-Day Vigil Outside N.Y. Police Precinct

The family of a man who was shot to death by police on his wedding day called for a special prosecutor's investigation as they began a 50-day vigil outside a police precinct — one day for each bullet fired.

"We're trying to get the point across to the world that we are standing for justice," Sean Bell's mother, Valerie, said Tuesday morning. "The thing that happened to my son shouldn't happen to anyone again."

She said other family members and friends will take turns at the 24-hour, nearly two-month vigil.

Bell was killed Nov. 25 and two friends were wounded by police gunfire as they left Bell's bachelor party at a strip club in Queens. The plainclothes detectives involve had been staking out the club because of alleged criminal activity, police have said. None of three men shot by police was armed.

The shooting sparked criticism of the police department's use of deadly force and undercover tactics.

At the vigil, a 12-foot banner hung nearby depicting the slain groom, his portrait surrounded by 50 illustrated bullet holes, and the words "NEVER AGAIN." Bell's family says it wants to call attention to the lack of indictments in the case and to urge newly inaugurated Gov. Eliot Spitzer to appoint a special prosecutor.

"We're out here for peace and justice," Bell's mother said.