The Top Story of 2006

North Korea tested a nuclear weapon, the stock market hit an all-time high, war broke out anew in the Middle East, a debate over illegal immigration sparked nationwide protests, and the balance of power shifted in Congress. It was a big year, with many big stories.

FNC wants to know — What do YOU think was the most powerful, most inspirational, or most significant story of the year? Tell us your pick for the top story of 2006, and tell us why you chose it!

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FOX News Channel presents their top 10 inspirational stories, people and events of the year.

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Here's what some FOX Fans are saying:

"The top story was Washington Democrats regaining power over Congress, further accelerating our country's downward slide to resembling a bus station in a third world country." — Bob (Illinois)

"The number one story was the high court interpreting the Constitution, so the government can take property for private use as long as the government can get more funds by higher tax income." — Anonymous

"Top news story of 2006 … well today, I was listening to FOX and heard of the breaking news: cloned food! Now people in Africa won't starve to death and there will be plenty to go around. Are government agencies telling one big lie? I sure won't be buying 'cloned food' of any kind. Makes me want to go vegetarian." — Hope (Oak Creek, WI)

“The biggest story of the year was one that was never reported. The General Accounting Office released their GAAP study that showed that the federal government is fifty trillion dollars in the hole. Fifty. Trillion. Dollars. That's a five followed by thirteen zeros. That's $166,000.00 for every man woman and child living in this country. No Congressmember called for action, no news network demanded to know why the government thought it would be ok to bankrupt our country. No, we heard about how the economy is merrily humming along even as the dollar keeps falling and falling and falling.” — Allen (Phoenix, AZ)

“Definitely the war in Israel and Lebanon was the biggest story of the year. The kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, the kidnapping and return of the FOX correspondents, the massive increase of anti-Semitism as a result, and just the fear of watching a war like that unfold before our eyes. A close tie would be the death toll of our American soldiers in Iraq, as well as the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld.” — Andrea

“For 2006, the biggest story was on Israel, and their bungled war in Lebanon. This event sets the stage in the Mideast for a Palestinian state, and a great disaster ahead.” — Brent

“I want to agree with Mike (Southeast Asia). Britney, Lindsay, Paris, OJ are NOT NEWS or EVEN NEWSWORTHY! I hope FOX continues its high standards in ‘07 and gives as little coverage as possible to the wannabes. Oh, and foul-mouthed Rosie O'Donnell, too. She has got to go. Happy New Year!” — D (Missouri)

“There weren't any top stories... just the same old stuff, just a different year.” — Paul

“The most inspiring story of 2006 was the takeover of the Congress by the Democrats. Perhaps there is a spark of hope left for this country. God help us for the next two years.” — Betty
(Somerset, PA)

“The number one story was the death of the Crocodile Hunter! I never met Steve but I felt like I knew him. I am still crying over the loss of him and I think I will for many years. I pray for his family and the animals every day.” — Bobbie

"The top story of 2006 was the 34-day war between Israel and Hezbollah. Israel took a stand and said to the world, 'We are not going to allow terrorists to abduct two Israel soldiers and retreat back into another country that provides a safe haven.' Israel then conducted an offensive against Hezbollah terrorists, who had been camped out in Lebanon. This action sent a message to Lebanon's leaders and their civilian population. The message was, 'You are responsible for the abduction because you allowed terrorists to live amongst you for the sole purpose of attacking Israel. You are afraid that Hezbollah terrorists will kill you, so you allow them to live in your territory. Do not fear the terrorists because Israel will kill you instead. Not only that, Israel will destroy large portions of your infrastructure. Roads, bridges, factories, buildings and homes will be obliterated by our aircraft.' This is the top story because Israel stood up for their soldiers and their democracy. Israel went on the offensive, something the United States has not been doing in Iraq. It now appears the Lebanese government and people are a taking a stand against Hezbollah." — Jim (Telluride, CO)

"President Gerald Ford's death and legacy" — Steph

"The top story of 2006 has to be Pope Benedict's trip to Turkey. The Pope's trip shows us that if you truly believe in something, you need to stand up and say it. The Pope went to Turkey because he believed he could bring peace. His trip, I believe, shows that if you truly believe in God, he will forever watch over you." — Peter (Hannity Fan, MN)

"I think the most significant story of this year was back in July, when Israel was first attacked by Hezbollah. It's significant to me because, at the time, I was up in my grandmother's house in Connecticut. My Dad and I were getting her house fixed up and ready to sell. When I wasn't working, I was watching FNC. I watched the story begin and develop for a week. I continued to follow it back home here until bigger headlines came along. Thanks for counting my vote." — Jason (Jackson, TN)

"The big news is that the GOP lost itself and the election. John McCain tried to put the pieces together, but even his star power was too much for the war-weary country. Civility has lost out in DC. GOP has a chance if McCain is allowed to work his magic." — Robert (New York, NY)

"The economy — it just keeps going and going." — Joni (Huntsville, AL)

"Any school shooting. It keeps us awake to the reality of what our children face daily. The hanging of Saddam and any political hopefuls views are also relevant. But, for the love of God, I don't care where Michael is, if Britney's wearing her panties, whether Paris and Nicole made up or made out, or any of the rest of the filthy rich that are preying on our youth and our money." — Annette

"The debate over illegal immigration" — Rick

"A little reversal here. Let me tell you what isn't newsworthy:
1 - Britney Spears undergarment preferences
2 - Angelina Jolie
3 - Rosie O'Donnell's opinions
4 - Terrell Owens distorted view on teamwork and leadership
5 - Madonna's adoption
You get the idea. Thanks for listening." — Mike (Southwest Asia)

"In my opinion, the most significant story of 2006 was the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict. It illustrates the true conflict of the Middle East: Iran and Syria fanning the flames of terrorists, while Israel continues to seek peace and live within their homeland. Israel continues to show restraint and tolerance. However, 2007 may bring a need for decisive action to disarm Iran's nuclear program once and for all." — Peter (Rochester, NY)

"Absolutely nothing! There wasn't a news worthy story all year, all there was were stories on how the democrats hated President Bush." — Mike (Dodge, MN)

"The biggest story was one that none of Main Street media had covered. That is the recent trip to Iraq by our U.S. Senator John Kerry." — Bob (Ellensburg, WA)

"Canceling O.J." — Karen

"The top story of 2006 was the school murders of the Amish children. The Amish are decent people who keep to themselves and do not bother anyone. They are good, decent people with no grudges to bear for anyone. To lose their children in such a manner as they did was unconceivable. To forgive the man who did this horrendous act was a portrayal of the way they conduct themselves and their beliefs of goodness. This was by far the best carried news of the year, as it showed the nation how decent a people they truly are at all times, regardless of the adverseness in their lives." — Kay (Pittsburgh, PA)

"The biggest story of 2006 was the collossal failure of the entire government to solve any domestic or foreign problems, instead using the 'credit card approach' in those failed efforts. It is time for isolation. Let's give Americans their piece of the pie." — Hal

"The Bush Administration's anti-science stance, as evidenced by the president's first and only veto: not allowing federal money for embryonic stem cell research — shameful at best — especially when the majority of Americans want it. The U.S. continues to stick their head in the sand while other countries forge ahead with this very promising research." — Tammy (Kansas)

"The top story of the year is how our government failed to protect its own citizens from an invasion of illegal immigrants. I was a strong supporter of the Republican Party until it became obvious that they were afraid of looking mean-spirited by enforcing the law and were even leaning toward amnesty. Now it looks like I will be searching for a new party to support at the polls. However, I can assure you it will not be the Democrats." — Doug (Canton, GA)

"I think the shooting of the Amish children and the response of the Amish community should be the top story of 2006. What happened was abominable. What was so incredible and inspirational about this incident was how the families of these slain children responded. They reached out to the family of the murderer. They forgave. They wanted to minister to their pain as well as their own. This is the true example of a Christian. Not all Christians are media hogs, hypocrites or moneygrubbers. We need to look to the Amish as an example and be more like them." — Kathee (Cool, CA)

"The top story of the year, is the total failure to secure our borders. Five years after 9/11, millions of illegal immigrants, including terrorists, have entered this country. Instead of securing our borders and rounding up these criminals, our elected officials pander to the ACLU, and buckle under the pressure of the 'open borders' wing nuts." — Les (Orange, CA)

"My pick for top story is Saddam Hussein being sentenced to death! Good bye to him!" — Robyn (Duncan, OK)

"I just watched the video, and I agree with your reporters. I was glued to my TV 24/7 during the Israeli-Lebanon 30+ day war. Having the technology and reporters who were inspired to bring the viewers to the front lines (nearly) was overwhelming to me and I appreciated their courage. To remember back to other conflicts, this will now only get better with new and better technology. Thanks to all the brave reporters!" — Gloria (Diamondhead, MS)