New Year's Resolutions

From the war on terror, to the debate over stem cell research ... from gay marriage, to health care and social security reform — the president has just two years left to make his mark.

Now, YOU get to set the priorities!

If you were commander-in-chief, what would be your number one New Year's resolution? Would you stay the course in 2007, or would you shake things up on the Hill?

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“I'd strengthen the relationships with our allies and rekindle the support that we had shortly after 9/11. It should be painfully obvious by now that the United States cannot go at this alone. We need help! We can begin by developing a good relationship with Ban Ki Moon and the United Nations. Americans are quick to judge the UN; however, a United Nations closely aligned with the United States would symbiotically strengthen the influence of both powers on the world stage … and that may prove to be the turning point in the 'war on terrorism'" — Nathan (Erlanger, KY)

“As the president of the United States I would make the following resolutions for 2007.
1.) Eliminate the current government of Iran and their nuke program.
2.) Stop the slow steady march of the socialists towards universal healthcare.
3.) Tax Reform
4.) Make current tax cuts permanent.
5.) Open up every square inch of public land to energy exploration and development.” — Anonymous

“My first priority would be to overhaul the immigration laws and stop the flow of illegal immigrants. Included in this would be to export illegal on an orderly basis. We can also establish a worker program and enforce anyone who tries to 'slip through the legal process.' If this is not done, the United States will no longer exist as we know it today, and our laws will be useless to the legal Americans.” — John

“If I were president, my No. 1 New Year's resolution would be to make sure that every U.S. citizen does not go without health care insurance. I would also put a cap on what hospitals can charge.” — Hope (Oak Creek, WI)

“I would veto any legislation that raises taxes, did away with any tax cuts, or was against my principles.” — Marcus (Choctaw, OK)

“If I were president, I would open up a second front in the war on terrorism. The first front in Iraq, I would start waging war like a warrior, not a politician. The second front, I would find the sources of the leaks in the CIA, FBI and Pentagon and treat them like traitors in a time of war.” — Eric (Overland Park, KS)

“We would have a national debate on gay marriage. I would have the commanders on the ground in Iraq make a report on what the strategy should be and I would publish it. I would limit federal funding of stem cell research, but not the research itself. The illegal alien problem would be handled like this:
1) Citizenship process, for those that are working legitimate jobs for more than 1 year.
2) All aliens would need to report to "citizenship" centers to register.< br >3) Those in prison, and those not working, are deported< br >4) Build the fence< br >5) Station Army National Guards on the border.” — Don (Honolulu, HI)

“I'd create jobs for the people of Iraq to eliminate unrest and restore the country's infrastructure. In addition, I'd secure our borders and build the fence on the southern border. I'd place very heavy fines on employers of illegals. I'd take away automatic citizenship for children of legals. Lastly, I'd create term limits on all congress people.” — Anonymous

“A two state solution between Palestine and Israel, and the forcible disarmament of Israeli nuclear weapons from the region, which would lead to my second resolution preventative measures to ensure Iran does not get the bomb.” — Chris (Great Britain)

“I would present the Presidential citizen's medal to Marian Fisher, the 13-year-old Amish school girl, who had selfless sacrifice in the face of evil, when trying to save the lives of her fellow classmates. Without any thought for self preservation or hesitation, she demonstrate the courage and bravery all young people should have. The world is at a loss without her.” — David

“My New Year's resolution is to indite President Bush, Rumsfield and Vice President Cheney for crimes against humanity and to send them to prison. My second resolution is to stop the budget for this massacre of humanity.” — Anonymous

“The first priority would be a get out plan. On immigration, I'd make it a priority because this is a issue that all Americans care about.” — David

“I'd close U.S.A. borders and hunt down bin Laden.” — Attilio

“I'd seal the Syrian and Iranian borders with Iraq. I'd give the respective governments 90 days to make meaningful and productive efforts to eliminate the flow of arms into Iraq, or take measures to help them accomplish this objective.” — Charles

“If I were commander-in-chief, I would withdraw our troops from Iraq immediately and would not send any more there by any means.” — Vi (Illinois)

“I'd get rid of the Federal reserve and back up the supply money with gold.” — Barry

“If I were president, I would make a resolution to have the Fair Tax enacted by the end of the year and eliminate the IRS and income tax.” — Anonymous

“If I were president my first priority would be to secure our borders.” — John

“If I were president, I need to do the following in 2007:
1) Increase troops to a number which can overwhelmingly clean up Baghdad and other parts of Iraq where insurgency is rampant.
2) Stick to the policies which I believe is right for the American people.”— Anonymous

“I would:
1. Fight to win in the war against Islamic Fascists.
2. Curb the 'politically correctness' that is choking the U.S.
3. Close and enforce the borders
4. Return all illegal immigrants to their country of origin
5. Push for House and Senate term limits.” — Jon

“ I'd reinstitute the draft, call up all of the National Guard and Reserve forces, and prepare for the nation and our allies for the largest military offensive in the world's history. Then, I'd cut social programs in the United States and make the abled bodied people get a job.” — Tom (Bellevue, NE)

“First, I don't think we need a law that says it's OK for you to get married, because I think we do have one and it's the first amendment. The fist amendment guarantees the freedom expression. Marriage above all is an expression of a couples love. Now, why would a government want to alienate their people.” — Anonymous

“I would do the following:
1) Start listening to what other people say and consider that they might be telling you the truth.
2) Stop demonizing people that disagree with you. As Gerald Ford put it: "disagree without being disagreeable."
3) Really support the troops by giving them a way to win the war, giving them proper equipment or bring them home. This is immoral to see young men and women dying every day.
4) Don't invade a country unless it is in self defense, which means an immediate threat to our country.
5) Fire everyone that mislead you on the rationale for the war in Iraq.
6) Stop the genocide in Darfur.
7) Push for legal immigration and stop illegal immigration. Make legal immigration easier and less costly.
8) Show the compassion in the compassionate conservatism that you ran on 6 years ago.
9) Help the Iraqi's to find peace through negotiation. They are a great people and don't deserve to die in the hundreds of thousands because of our poor planning.
10) Make America strong again by strengthening our armed forces so the threat of using them is meaningful once again.” — Robert

“If I were president, my first resolution would be to resign the office and stay in Texas.” — Philip (Phoenix, AZ)

“I would increase military spending and cut all unnecessary expenditures, like all the "pork" legislation congress members put through to get money from lobbyists and special interest groups. Over all, I guess my plan would be to do as much as I could to cut the national debt and provide a stable economy for the next generation.” — Ethan

“My resolution would be to secure the borders of this country. Los Angeles has become a third world country, with only two classes — the very rich and the very poor. Our middle class has disappeared, and with it, the American language and culture.” — Barbara (California)

“If I were president, I'd continue to do things the way they are currently being done. If we don't stay strong, I am afraid many people will be in for a surprise as to what will happen to our lifestyle. We need to absolutely stay the course, we have no choice.” — Daniel

“As President Bush, I would admit that I used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq, and that the invasion was a mistake. I would apoligize to the military families of Americans for my selfishness and to all other Americans for being so narrow-minded for 'staying the course' too long.” — Ralph (Montana)

“I'd do away with all of the 'political correctness' and let the military (not political leaders) get the job done in Iraq. Let the Marines lead the way, and fight the war the way they have been trained to! Finish the job, and bring our boys home.” — Ed

“I would surely stay the course in Iraq, but, I would make sure to put out information on all the wonderful things we are doing over there to the news media all over the world for daily publication. Our troops are doing A LOT of good — MOST of the Iraqi people are very, very thankful for our help to better their lives. Just ask one of the 120,000+ troops working over there at any given time. Our President stepped up to the plate on 9/11 and has lead us strongly and correctly since that day. I only wish he'd have applied tactical nuclear weapons in the Afghanistan mountains during Operation Enduring Freedom to take care of THAT problem once and for all like we did in Japan. Don't mess with the U.S.! My Marine's motto: "Give War A Chance!"” — Dodi (Reno, NV)

“I'd close the borders.” — Fred

"My resolution for the New Year would be to shake things up on the Hill by completely abandoning partisanship and start pushing mainly populist issues for my remaining two years. As Roosevelt had his fireside chats, I would have weekly or bi-monthly televised 'talks' with the American public to explain and "preview" any program I might want to champion, because only by taking my agendas "to the streets," would I have any hope of implementing them." — Ed (Redmond, WA)

"If I were president, my New Year's Resolution would be to attempt to clean the House and Senate of all corrupt, and nonproductive Senators, republicans and democrats alike. I'd temporarily remove all those under investigation of any wrong doing until proven guilty. When not guilty, I'd reinstate them, when guilty, I'd fire them. I would force people like Jefferson from any responsibilities as well as those who are involved with leaking classified information. Our government needs to be made up of people who care for their nation, not for their party, or themselves." — Ed (Central Point, OR)

"My resolution would be to never use the words 'guest worker' or 'comprehensive' again." — Les (Orange, CA.)

"I would crack down on all illegal immigrants. I'd build a wall, send them home and not let them back in." — Everett

"I would end immigration and end the anchor baby policy. I'd create an immigration policy that would benefit the citizen tax payer: one would have to master the English language prior to becoming a citizen. — Anonymous

"If I were president, my resolution would be to withdraw from the United Nations, close the embassies and tell the members to leave the United States and find a new home!" — Skip (Crosslake, Minnesota)

"If I were president, my New Year's resolution would be to bring every American serviceman and women home by next Christmas. Then, I would take about 15 Tylenol for the headache I got from my successor. Then resign." — Joe

"I would recommend that President Bush put a total ban on abortion and embryonic stem cell research as the number one New Year's resolution." — Linda (Minnesota)

"If I were president, I would strongly encourage Israel to follow the road to peace. I hope the media would do more to show the American public the hardships, humiliation, poverty and hopelessness the Palestinians must endure every day. Israel is so powerful here, it is my wish they become more generous to their neighbors." — Helen

"I would first take as much military as I possibly could and end the conflict in Iraq — I think it could end in about 6-9 months. Then, I would get out, and let the Iraqi military go from there (with a little help from advisors).
2. I would pull all resources back and put them to use in the states. I'd start spending the money, that we spend on other countries, to use in our country. If we do that, then we would not have to worry about terrorists coming to the US If we would take as much interest in our children here in our country, as we do in other countries, our kids would flourish so much. I believe crime would go down and better work forces would come about. Therefore, unemployment would go down and the homeless would go down. It just makes sense. It all starts with our future leaders.
3. I would put the big oil companies on the block — find out why they have to charge so much for their gas.
4. I'd put all our time and money to outside our own country. I understand that we have to keep our foreign policy and contacts happy but we are taken too much away from our own people." — Ken (Idaho)

"Get bin Laden" — David (Anderson, SC)

"If I were President Bush in 2007, I would:
1. Apologize to the nation for allowing Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to convince me that going into Iraq was the right thing to do, and ask for Chaney to resign as VP.
2. I would stop this bigoted FMA (Federal Marriage Amendment) and instead push for getting the government out of marriage entirely and allow churches to handle marriage any way they please.
3. I would speak with biology professors and fertility clinics about how stem cells are developed and what advances they may bring, and instead of following the party line and stopping federal funding for stem cell research, I would embrace it and educate the rest of my party on the issue.
4. I would start pushing for the privatization of social security and bring it to the forefront of my domestic policy." — Jim

"I feel we should not bring back the draft. It would be a mistake to send men and women in a war that has left the American people with 3000 dead . What is our government thinking? Do we enjoy building war memorials for our fallen men and women. Take a look at our past and reconsider our future. Bring the troops home." — Joe

"If I were president, I would acknowledge my misguided loyalties of the past years. I'd make a concerted effort to resolve the conflict in Iraq, with the infusion of more troops, whose only mission is to stabilize the region so the Iraqi troops can take over the security issues. The Iraqi Government has to be accountable, so our troops can come home on a timely pullout. But without a secure Iraq, in the hands of the current Iraqi Government in control, the whole region's security and ours along with it, is in jeopardy. We cannot leave the region until security is achieved." — Ed (Houston, TX)

"He should demand that the immigration system be fixed immediately. He should: demand no dual citizenships for all US citizens; demand a national identity card for all citizens; establish a US data base; demand that all citizens learn English; fix the guest worker program without giving amnesty; demand that our borders are secure; deport all illegals living in the United States; demand that the Congress fix social security so it includes individual private accounts. Meanwhile, he should veto all of the idiotic bills that the Congress passes, until his first priorities are passed." — Richard (Frisco, TX)

"Number one priority should be to stop illegal immigration. It is ruining our country." — Barbara (Vista, CA)

"I would shake up things on Capitol Hill. I would forego the futility of political posturing, by listening to my military leaders instead of Congress. If we're going to commit to war, then let's commit to win." — John

"As President, I'd make the following changes:
1. Budget: A robust economy supports the national goals and fills the government, so economic stimulation, with tax breaks for small businesses, and review of international trade agreements, should be a priority.
2. Social Security/ Health Care/ Medical Research: These efforts should include support for government oversight of and mediation into HMOs or group health insurance organizations. I'd investigate the government and private business matching funds, for employee health insurance. I'd fund health related science for preventative care, acute care, and catastrophic disease treatments. I would know that healthier workforces produce more for a longer period of time. This would take pressure off of social security, because Americans could be productive longer and not place unnecessary burdens on the system. If the worker has to plan his/her own retirement, they are more likely to be involved in effective management of the plan and utility of the assets. (An owner usually takes good care of their own house while a renter does not.)
3. Education reform: Our youth should be well prepared for their future. Education, along with life skills training should be a cornerstone of our primary education. These better prepared children would be more able to enter the workforce ready to be productive.
4. Energy and Resource Conservation/Environmental Management: Dependence on unreliable sources of energy or critical resources places the U.S. at a disadvantage in the world. We must expend time and treasure to explore ways to be less dependent on fossil fuels. We must also begin looking more diligently into recycling all of our discarded waste. Our land fills are cram-packed with refuse that was designed and engineered to be discarded in an ever shortening technological planned obsolescence. If we manage our waste and design better methods of recycling we can cut deeply into our pollution problem which could reduce the cries of "Global Warming." These efforts will reduce waste; generate new industries, new jobs, new sources of tax revenue; and "Save the Whales" too." — Bob

"I would bring back the DRAFT." — Charlie (Holtsville, NY)

"My top five priority actions for the New Year would be:
1. Let the Pentagon fight the War on Terror as a war — not an exercise in political correctness.
2. Strictly limit main stream media access to Iraq, Afghanistan or any other front on the war on terror. The Constitutional right of Freedom of the Press pertains to the United States, not the entire world.
3. Try captured terrorists for war crimes by a military tribunal. They are not American citizens and are afforded no protection under the U. S. Constitution.
4. Direct the Justice Department to give local police authorities the power to apprehend and deport all illegal aliens found in their jurisdiction. They are not American citizens.
5. Make it very clear to Iran that they will suffer severe repercussions if there nuclear endeavor is not dismantled within three months." — S, US Navy (Ret)

"I think changes need to be made to secure a victory in Iraq, but I wouldn't back down now! It does not worry me in the least to know that President Bush is the leader of this country, because he has heart and courage. I am worried about who our next leader may be. If I were President Bush, I would take a stand against his critics and stay strong in Iraq. In his last two years, I would leave a legacy of protecting the American people against terrorism." — Clint (Falmouth, KT)

"I would stop being politically correct and tell the American people, Congress and the Senators just what I thought. That may give a true insight of the real GW." — Anonymous

"If I were president, I would focus on domestic policies. I would push to get my tax cuts permanent, and I would push to get a marriage protection amendment passed." — Jeff (Killeen, TX)

"If I were president I would reinstate the draft and I would double or triple the US presence in Iraq. I would let the terrorists know that we will not be defeated. Then, I would move troops to the Iraq/Iran border and I would tell Iran to get on board with helping the Iraq insurgency or they are next. If we can't get them to see that democracy is a better way, then lets just take over and make the Middle East a new American province." — Anonymous

"I'd get out of Iraq, now!" — Phyllis (Massachusetts)

"If I was the President of the U.S., here is what I would do in 2007:
1. My first priority would be to turn over Iraq to it's people and bring all our troops out of there. You would need to set up a govt. that is equally represented by all three nationalities there, or divide the country and set up borders.
2. Take almost all that money being spent in Iraq and invest it in our Social Security Program and Medical Health Care Assistance for our Seniors and Children.
3. Secure our Borders, (Period.) If you want into the US then you would need a Passport. I'd protect our Borders and Help the states clean up their illegal alien problem.
4.Get back on the trail of the people responsible for 9/11, after our borders are secured." — Johnny (San Antonio, TX)

"The number one priority should be the development of alternative energy resources. New approaches that would free us from dependency on foreign oil, take pressure off of the environment and give us something real to market to the rest of the world." — Rob (Arizona)

"I would resolve to win the war in Iraq and the war on terror. I would expel all reporters from the war zones and instruct our brave soldiers to do whatever is necessary to win the war. War is brutal and dangerous, and should not be covered live by entrenched reporters. Political correctness has no place on the battlefield either; it is hindering our ongoing operations and it is getting our soldiers killed." — Fran (Melbourne, FL)

"To take all reasonable measures to win the war against terrorism worldwide resolving in lasting peace for all nations and to make an all out bipartisan attempt at resolving Americas major domestic social issues for the benefit of all our U.S. citizens, no matter their political party." — Anonymous

"I would admit I was wrong and end the war as soon as possible." — Anonymous

"To resign, get the heck out of there!" — Anonymous

"I'm not sure what I would do, but our current president for the sake of humanity should resign his position, ASAP!" — Anonymous

"I would use my last of my years in office to secretly take Chavez (Venezuela) , Ahmadinejad (Iran), and Kim Jong Il (N.Korea), out of power, by any means necessary." — Eric (Queen Creek AZ)

"Defiantly stay the course, the alternative is too stupid!" — William

"In the U.S.A., I'd enforce strict immigration policies and deport illegal aliens while patrolling our borders with vigor." — Terry (Oregon)

"I would:
1. Slowly bring the troops home and allow Iraq to take care of themselves.
2. Cut in half all funds sent to any and all counties.
3. Diplomats, you speed, you pay the ticket. You park illegally, you pay the ticket. You do a crime, you do the time in jail, here.
4. Lessen the war on drugs, by legalizing marijuana. Treat it as a controlled drug like alcohol.
5. Start tightening the spending of all governments, state and federal and local. No catered lunches, brown bag it like many Americans, or pay for it yourself. No free cars, plane ride, company credit cards. Cut many salaries. Raise police and firefighter salaries.
6. Monopolies have to issue refunds, that is for gas companies, electric companies, insurance companies and cable companies.
7. Drug companies should issue refunds to provide Americans with similar rates for medication that other countries are offered.
8. I'd even out the cost of illegals working in America, The companies that hire them have to have lodging, medical clinics, schools and pay an hefty extra tax for the taxes we lose by not hiring an American.
9. Any American company that outsources more then 10% of its staff, loses all tax breaks.
10. Raise minimum wage to be at poverty level. Minimum wage should never fall below poverty level." — Kelly

"I would cut off all foreign aid to all countries all over this world, particularly to those that hate us. The time has come to get the United States in order financially and concentrate on its people first. This also includes clamping down the borders: no more foreigners should be allowed in the United States. Elected officials, mark and move!" — Rex (Monroe, WI)

"His resolution should be to acknowledge and accept science and reconsider his veto on the Embryonic Stem Cell Bill which, polls show, the majority of Americans are in favor of. This is very promising research and he and his just may benefit from it someday. We need to trust our brightest and best scientists and researchers and the hope they say this research holds. It is through research that every life saving medical procedure, medication and vaccine has been discovered. America needs to lead the way other countries are passing us by this and other areas. " — Emma (Kansas)