Your Grrrs December 28, 2006

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column.

John H. in Germantown, Tenn., writes: I feel the need, before 2006 is over, to tell Tom Cruise "I got your back". Don't get me wrong; all of the antics he has pulled over the past year are hilarious.

Although I claim not to watch such shows as "E! News" and "Extra" and the like, I do tend to pay attention when my wife is watching them. I may even remind her "Hey, isn't your show on?" I still will not admit to caring about or enjoying anything that they report as important. I just cannot believe that anything Cruise has done can be or has been career ending. Are you kidding me? It's called entertainment and that is what he has continued to do, even in the news.

I don't consider myself a Tom Cruise fan. He's kind of just there. I do love "Jerry Maguire" and I even liked "War of the Worlds." He has made some really good movies throughout his career. In no way, shape or form would I intentionally not see a movie simply because Tom Cruise is in it. He is a good actor — a freaky dude, but a good actor.

If it were reported that Mel Gibson was coming out with a remake of "The Ten Commandments" we would line up to see it. Roman Polanski is still considered, by a lot of people, to be one of the best directors ever and you're going to tell me that jumping on a couch, exclaiming your love for some young, hot actress is crazy. And, to my knowledge, Cruise has never said "Hey, I'm not crazy" and in the last few months we have seen an actor-director bashing Jews and follow it with "I am not an anti-Semite" and a sitcom goofball use the dreaded N-word repeatedly and say "I'm not a racist."

Give me a break. Give Tom Cruise a break. I don't care if he believes that little green men were to blame for killing Christ because he was a black man, put him in the next "Harry Potter" and the headlines will read "Tom Cruise Puts a Spell on Us Again". Has no one pulled Tom to the side and said, "OK, here is how everyone else gets through this: Check yourself into a mental institution, adopt some third world babies and then party with the Hilton sisters." Blah, blah, blah, entertain me you dancing monkeys.

It doesn't bother me what you do outside of your movies. The crazier the better, I say.

Movie idea: O.J., Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson are the Three Wise Men. Angelina as the Virgin Mary and of course Brad as the ever-faithful Joseph. Joe Pesci will play baby Jesus because he is short and who doesn't love Joe Pesci dropping F-bombs in a movie. King Harrod has sent out a decree to kill all of the babies in the land. O.J.'s character, a mole in the operation, goes to Harrod and agrees to take on the task. Cruise, who of course caries frankincense wherever he goes, wants to go because he has never seen an alien in human form, but would really like to see one. Mel Gibson, pockets full of gold, has a headache from trying to wrap his head around the idea of an Italian Jew. It's a work in progress. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Bill in Salinas, Calif., writes: Get a job. I cannot believe FOX would pay you for writing such trash. You probably need a life too if trashing people is the best you can do.

Bill M. in Lancaster, Pa., writes: If you really want to see some really good Should See TV, then catch an episode or so of "As Time Goes By" starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. It's probably on your local PBS station sometime during the week. It's worth the effort.

Rolland F. in Summerville, S.C., writes: I agree with the poll on the Oblivions of the year. But I would like to add my thoughts on the Donald Trump-Rosie O'Donnell feud. The whole thing seemed to be a mass publicity stunt. First, Trump gave Tara Connor a second chance for some unknown reason after she violated the terms of her contract. Most anybody else wouldn't have because her behavior is morally reprehensible. Trump's actions go contrary to what people are inclined to do. Trump did not act as "the moral compass for 20 year-olds" as O'Donnell claimed.

Second, Rosie O'Donnell is an immature child in an adult body. She wants to be able to act however she wants with no accountability. She is a hypocrite that blames others for her failures. I think she is on "The View" because the producers need the name. During that same week, the women on "The View" exhibited a lot of bad behavior in the quest for publicity.

Finally, while it is true that O'Donnell fired the first shot, one would think that Trump would have had enough class to just let it go. I was never a big fan of Trump, although I admire his business talent, but I never thought he would sink to the level of someone like O'Donnell. The other option is that this is all a contrived game to get publicity for Trump and "The View."

Jim S. writes of Oblivion of the Year: The "Hands-Down" winner: Libya.

Charlie on I-81 writes: A big Christmas travel GRRR to restaurants that left all their lights on and their signs illuminated even though they were closed on Christmas Day. Giving hungry, road weary travelers the false hope that they had some alternative to a McMeal or a convenience store hotdog may qualify as cruel and unusual punishment.

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