Return to Sender?

Hello Fox Friends!

Thanks for reading my first "FOX & Friends" blog! I've had so much fun hosting the last couple of days; I may have to beg Brian Kilmeade to let me come on again sometime! (He told me he was the one that makes the guest-host decisions… along with all of the programming on the show and the network.) Ha-ha.

Here are a few things I learned today:

Many people admit to re-gifting (including Tiki Barber, actor/musician Steven Van Zandt and Gregg Jarrett…)

Brian gave his wife something called an "Abdominizer" for Christmas and said he thought it was the best gift ever. I hope Mrs. Kilmeade re-gifts and gives it back to Brian for Father's Day…

I'm not the only one that isn't getting married these days (not for a lack of trying!) Looks like Americans are a little confused about family life — due to changing views of the "institution" and what we are doing to preserve it.

In serious news, it is the 10th anniversary of the death of little JonBenet Ramsey and we are no closer to finding the person(s) who committed the crime. The DA says the investigation remains open and the office is still receiving information on the case.

Arnold Schwarzenegger broke his femur skiing this weekend and will need to have some surgery to repair the damage. Maybe he should try easier courses next time and skip the one that's named after him — it's a challenging run!

And your e-mails jammed up Brian's computer regarding the first Muslim congressman in Dearborn, Michigan. A lot of you aren't ready to see Keith Ellison get sworn in to office with his Quran.

And finally, if you're not happy with some of the news you're reading about, you can visit a new Web site that specializes in much lighter, feel-good stories:

Coming up tomorrow, we've got another exciting show! I'll be back tomorrow on weather-duties, with Brian and Page hosting "FOX & Friends First." At 7 a.m. ET, Kiran will be in along for the fun with Gregg and Brian.

Some of the topics they will talk about: Trends of '07 — what our world will look like in the next 5 to 10 years — we've got the experts to give us a look into the future. Plus, Gov. Mike Huckabee will join us to talk politics. And, something I dream about: Meatballs. John LaFemina will be on to address "A Man and His Meatballs: The Hilarious But True Story of a Self-Taught Chef and Restaurateur."

And of course, your favorite husband and wife medical team, the Ashtons will have their thoughts on whatever ails you!

Thanks again for watching "FOX & Friends"! See you tomorrow!


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