A reminder of info I wrote about earlier. If you are mailing at the last minute try www.redroller.com to compare shipping costs. I found that it was able to find shipping at half the cost I had earlier found. A number of viewers e-mailed that they saved, too.

Anita Vogel reported that Toys For Tots has 60% fewer toys donations this year. No idea why. If you can help out go to www.toysfortots.org. You will find the address for drop off locations everywhere in the country.I even found one in Dripping Springs and I’ll be heading there with my kids to drop some off.

The diet drugs we talked about on the show today are:

Acomplia will likely be for sale in the U.S. by April. It’s a pill that basically switches off your desire for food.
CP404 just got a patent. This is a nasal spray that would block your sense of smell and taste. You wouldn’t be tempted by the pizza and if you did take a bite it wouldn’t taste good so you’d stop eating it!
We’ll keep updating you on this.

Have a Merry Christmas!


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