$54 Million Holiday Bonus

Goldman Sachs (GS) paid chief Lloyd Blankfein a whopping $54 million in salary and bonus this year, amid a record year for profits at the Wall Street powerhouse, according to documents filed last night with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Read More

Are Wall Street's megabonuses out of control, or do execs work hard for the money? Plus, tell us what you would do with a $54 million check!

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“I'm a father of four, and for the second year in a row, my Christmas bonus was getting laid off. Are they worth it? If they kick me a cool million, I'd say yeah, what a nice guy! If they are greedy scrooges, then no!” — Joe (New Jersey)

“The CEO may be hardworking and deserving of a whopper of a bonus, but the real ‘work’ of the company was done by the everyday employees. Were their bonuses as generous? What about the shareholders? Did they get a bonus?” — Chris

“Only two words needed to describe these bonuses — obscene and unnnecessary!" — Ted (San Diego, CA)

“I didn't receive $54 million, but our employer did quite well on Wall Street this year, and as a result, passed along a generous Christmas bonus to us. What did we do with ours? We gave $500 to our church, purchased a new computer and a trampoline for the grandkids, and set aside some for clothes and put $1,000 in savings. Not a bad bonus for a housekeeper. I think its a prime example of trickle-down economics. ” — Jean (Minnesota)

“These extremely excessive bonuses need to be stopped. The tax code needs to be changed so they are not deductible for the corporations. This money would properly be distributed to the stock holders. Executives should have a bonus, but not these excessive amounts. The majority of the success of any business are the worker bees and the money provided by investors. Executives can make all the decisions they want but nothing they do directly can help a business succeed.” — Elinor

“I would pay off my house, all my bills, credit cards, college tuitions for my four kids, pay off my car and get a new second car, take care of my parents’ bills, buy our retirement house, donate money to several of my favorite child and animal organizations and save the rest to retire.” — Annie (Palm Beach County, FL)

“I would give it to the people who deserve it; certainly not a CEO, but the investors and the employees who did the work for the company." — Jerry

“Yes, they are obscene. Where does that money come from? The investors obviously. No one is worth that much money; this foolishness has to stop. The average Joe on the street is outraged at the salaries paid to these top executives.” — Pete (Florida)

“There is no way any one man is worth $54 million per year. If their salaries are that much, there is something seriously wrong with their fee structure.” — Fred (Oakland, CA)