California School District Changes Vacation Names Back to 'Christmas' and 'Easter'

A San Joaquin Valley school district decided to change the names of winter and spring breaks to Christmas and Easter vacation Thursday, the latest wrinkle in a backlash against replacing religious names.

"We're just trying to uphold American cultural and religious history," said Chad Vegas, a minister and member of the Kern High School Board of Trustees who proposed the name changes Dec. 6.

The board representing a district of more than 30,000 students voted 5-1 to revert the names to their pre-1980s titles.

"It's not even the biggest item on the agenda, but the liberals are obsessing about it," Vegas said.

The district struggles with students who are performing below grade level or need English-language skills, he said.

Nationwide, the declining use of the word "Christmas" has been a hot topic.

Several state leaders were urged to call their decorated evergreens at government buildings Christmas trees after trying to dub them "holiday trees."