Hillary Clinton Tames 'The View'

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Today Hillary showed up for her appearance on "The View."

Do you want to know how powerful Hillary Clinton is? She is so powerful, so intimidating, so frightening that she even made Rosie O'Donnell and Joy Behar shut up. And that, ladies and gentlemen, takes some serious doing.

"The View" is a TV program produced by ABC where a group of women sit on a couch and talk about all kinds of things. And it is my firm belief producers hover in the background encouraging Rosie and Joy to say really outrageous stuff that gets all the radio talk show hosts clucking and condemning.

Rosie made noises last week that were a jokey version of a Chinese person speaking Chinese. The radio talk show hosts howled in protest, but the network and the big media gave her a pass. Joy Behar called Rumsfeld "Hitler." Radio talk hosts howled, but ABC shrugged and the big media gave her a pass.

So today Hillary shows up. Think of all the things that could have been said that would be outrageous. But not a peep. Rosie was like a person in a straitjacket with a cork the size of a coffee can stuffed in her mouth. Joy looked like a woman with a gun to her head: "Say one word and it's over, sweetheart."

Now mind you, I think this is a great accomplishment. Hillary arrived on the set and all of a sudden "The View" was tamed. That is a remarkable performance in and of itself. I'm beginning to think more highly of Mrs. Clinton that she can affect that kind of change in otherwise out-of-control motormouths.

I watched "The View" this morning assuming I would be rewarded with another Joy Behar moment. After all, her vocabulary when it comes to the war in Iraq, to President Bush or Dick Cheney, is freewheeling to say the least. If she could call Rumsfeld Hitler, what could she do with the vice president? And if she were to say such a thing again, what would Hillary do?

Well, Hillary must have thought of that, too, and she didn't want to react to something as indefensible and off the charts. So her people came in advance, evidently, and said we can't be having something like that happen.

And it worked. Joy and Rosie shut up.

That's My Word.

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