Why I'm Not Letting Joy Behar Off the Hook

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Let's just say I get it. I know "The View" is out to make it on talk radio every single day, and it's the job of Rosie O'Donnell or Joy Behar to say something outrageous every single day.

Rosie feels entitled to make racist jokes and doesn't get slammed for it. Behar says the most outrageous things about George W. Bush and the war in Iraq, and gets away with it because it's the view of the co-host and not a statement of policy by either ABC TV or Barbara Walters. The only time feathers get ruffled on "The View" is when short, round guys show up drunk.

But having said all that, ultra-liberal hate-spewer Joy Behar might have taken liberties too far — so far she was out of bounds — when she called Donald Rumsfeld "Hitler." Did you happen to notice Behar didn't know she had said anything wrong until the audience reacted? She did issue a pro forma and halfhearted apology today on her show.

But I think the lesson from this episode is simple: This is how Behar and her friends and associates talk. It is how the far left talks. It is how the people talk who elected Democrats to Congress. And what we can take from that fact is that Bush and Cheney and Rummy are so despised that talk of impeachment is just openers. Behar's crowd wants the Bush team vilified top to bottom in our society and in history. Rummy equals Hitler. It is stunning when you think about it that she could say such a thing. But the real news is only that she said it on TV.

This warped view of our leaders is actually the currency of the realm of the left in private. Every so often it leaks out, and we should probably thank her for giving us a heads up.

That's My Word.

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