Brainroom: Comparisons of White House With Nazis Abound

Joy Behar of "The View" is not the only well-known person who sees brown shirts when the Bush administration comes to mind.

Here are some others who over the last few years have compared the White House to the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler:

Sen. Dick Durbin

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) compared American behavior at Guantanamo Bay to that of "Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — that had no concern for human beings." Chicago Tribune, June 24, 2005.

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond told Indiana lawmakers and business leaders that President Bush and other Republicans appeal to a racist "dark underside of American culture."

"They preach racial equality but practice racial division," he told an audience gathered at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Indianapolis.

"Their idea of equal rights is the American flag and Confederate swastika flying side by side." Indianapolis Star, June 24, 2004.

Former Sen. John Glenn

Former Sen. John Glenn (D-Ohio) compared the Republicans' misleading statements to those of Nazi Germany. "You've just got to separate out fact from fiction.... Too often, too often, in this country, if you hear something repeated, it's the old Hitler business — if you hear something repeated, repeated, repeated, repeated, you start to believe it," he said. Washington Post, Sept. 4, 2004.

Garrison Keillor

Author and National Public Radio host Garrison Keillor referred to the GOP as "brownshirts in pinstripes" Dallas Morning News, Sept. 28, 2006.

Al Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore: "The present executive branch has made it a practice to try and control and intimidate news organizations: from PBS to CBS to Newsweek. They placed a former male escort in the White House press pool to pose as a reporter — and then called upon him to give the president a hand at crucial moments. They paid actors to make make phony video press releases and paid cash to some reporters who were willing to take it in return for positive stories. And every day they unleash squadrons of digital brownshirts to harass and hector any journalist who is critical of the President. — Speech, Oct. 5, 2005.

Nelson Mandela

Human-rights icon Nelson Mandela has accused Bush of "wanting to plunge the world into a holocaust."

"One power with a president who has no foresight and cannot think properly is now wanting to plunge the world into a holocaust," Mandela said in a speech to the International Women's Forum. The Guardian, Jan. 31, 2003.

Linda Ronstadt

Singer Linda Ronstadt: "People don't realize that by voting Republican, they voted against themselves," she says. Of Iraq in particular, she adds, "I worry that some people are entertained by the idea of this war. They don't know anything about the Iraqis, but they're angry and frustrated in their own lives. It's like Germany, before Hitler took over. The economy was bad and people felt kicked around. They looked for a scapegoat. Now we've got a new bunch of Hitlers." — USA TODAY, Nov. 17, 2004. has posted new advertisements on its Web site comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler. The ads, says, will hopefully "enlighten viewers and help them understand the truth behind President Bush." They're part of a contest, ultimately judged by such celebrities as Michael Moore and Janeane Garofalo. But the Hitler-inspired ads didn't make it to the final round and have since been taken down from the Web site. Special Report: FOX News Channel, Jan. 5, 2004.

Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen, co-author of the book "America's Nightmare: The Presidency of George Bush II":

"I've written, making comparisons between Bush and Hitler, because if you look at the early days of Hitler's rise in Germany, if people could have stopped him before he trashed the entire German constitution and seized dictatorial to powers, he could have been stopped." "Hannity & Colmes," FOX News Channel, Jan. 5, 2004