Men's Most Terrifying Week of the Year!

Dear Friends of 'FOX & Friends,'

Welcome to this, the most terrifying week of the calendar year for many American men: the last week before Christmas. The busiest shopping day for women is the day after Thanksgiving, for men it's the day before Christmas. Women shop, men buy, and buy fast.

The reason I mention this, is because we're about a week from Christmas, which means in four or five days, Brian and I will start shopping for our wives. Actually just before I started this blog, I bought my wife something off the Internet. To be honest, as I've detailed in my book, men should never buy their wives a kitchen appliance, because it subliminally says, "Honey I love you, now go in the kitchen and make me a sandwich..." and yet, I have just purchased something that will (if she keeps it) live in the kitchen. Here's the rub, if she is offended, it is also a lethal weapon, so if she doesn't like it, you'll know when you see Mike Jerrick sitting in my chair on 'FOX & Friends.'

In the last two months, I have personally traveled thousands of miles talking about my book, "The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook," and in the process meeting thousands of FOX News viewers and fans. You are all wonderful, and I am touched by your kindness. Most asked questions about behind the scenes stuff ("Yes, that's Brian's hair") and some gave me tokens of their appreciation. The really good ones I'm re-gifting for my wife. I'm kidding (because she's reading this).

But now my book tour has concluded with a quick stop in Aventura, Florida, and to the thousands of you who stood in line and bought my book and shook my hand, words cannot express my gratitude. It was a dream of mine since I was a little boy, to write a book that people would buy and read. And thousands of you have done just that. For that, please accept my thanks of a lifetime.

The "Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook" was just named by the editors of Amazon as the No. 1 Family Book of 2006, and is the only NY Times Top Ten Bestseller with FIVE STARS, a perfect gift for your spouse or any friends or family members who like to laugh. It is available at your big bookstores, OR if you'd like to get an autographed copy, quickly order today at At that site, if you order two, they'll send a third FREE copy to a military family, just in time for Christmas, so don't delay!

As we head into Christmas week, once again thank you all for making our show your choice for news and a bit of fun each morning, we are so lucky to be working at a place like FOX and have great friends, like you.

Merry Christmas,


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