Helping Santa

We were able to help a good deal of people who were looking for hard to find holiday gifts.

You’ve got 5 nights of Hannukah left and Christmas Eve is 7 days away.

Here is what we couldn’t help with:
• Hooded Reebok Suede Cowboys sweatshirt
• A youth pink sweatshirt with Texas Longhorns on it
• A neon Longhorn lamp
Any ideas? Email me at and I’ll pass it on.

One of our viewers, Jackie, found this site that helps you locate a Wii or PS3 in your area that are available:

No guarantee… but I hope it helps.

Today, we featured cute books and finger puppets from
And cards and calendars featuring angels looking over people from

I have a complete list of the items we have featured and a lot of educational toys on

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