'Officer Delicious' Dresses in Drag to Trap Red-Light Runners

Red-light runners, beware. A large and in charge woman by the name of "Officer Delicious" might just ruin your day if she happens to spot you.

The catch is that Officer Delicious is really Officer Terry Golden, a 6-foot tall, 250-pound policeman who donned female attire to catch drivers breezing through red lights along busy West Palm Beach intersections, reported Florida TV station WPBF.

The diva in drag apparently attracted a lot of attention as she stood on the side of the road. Golden would watch intersections and then radio fellow officers down the street who would issue the tickets.

Police managed to catch 77 drivers running red lights in under 90 minutes. Each driver received a $185.50 ticket, which means Officer Delicious raked in $14,283.50 for Palm Beach County.

Officer Dave Oxley also played a part in the operation, dressing up as crazy-homeless "Officer Looney."

Organizers said they hope the operation would make drivers think twice about running red lights … or at least be on the lookout for cross-dressing cops.

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Talk About Asleep at the Wheel!

Drinking and sleeping on the job are typically no-nos, but what about doing both at the same time? And what if you work on a railroad track?

One railroad company director apparently couldn’t think of anyplace more comfortable to pass out than one of his own company's tracks, reported thisislondon.co.uk.

Kevin Craswell, 48, was seen by passengers using the rail as his pillow. Witnesses even said they could hear him snoring from up on the platform.

Apparently he consumed a "lethal" amount of vodka, and police say he was incredibly lucky to survive. Oncoming trains had to be diverted at the last minute to avoid him.

It took the staff almost an hour to wake Craswell up, causing major delays to the rail company and costing them a significant amount of money.

Craswell, a company director from Ashstead who was said to have "fallen on hard times," was taken to a hospital and later received a fine for drunk and disorderly conduct.

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Happy Hollywood Ending

CHICAGO (AP) — One animal control worker calls it a story straight out of Hollywood.

Two years ago, the beloved golden retriever of a Tampa, Fla., family went missing.

Mom Alice Baines said she figured they'd never see Sam again.

Fast forward to last night, when Baines and her pooch were reunited at O'Hare International Airport.

Officials say a family in Johnsburg in McHenry County found Sam wandering around. Animal control workers were able to trace his origins using a microchip implanted in his body.

While no one is sure how Sam made the 1,200 mile journey from Tampa to Chicago, it doesn't appear that he walked.

Officials say Sam was probably picked up in Florida and brought him to Illinois, only to escape again.

Baines called getting him back the best Christmas present her family could get.

What Would Drew Carey Say?

CLEVELAND (AP) — A hometown company's satirical holiday card features Cleveland's ranking as America's poorest big city.

The American Greetings Corp. card shows a man in a black-and-white photo walking past urban landscape and reads: "Season's Greetings from Cleveland ... America's Poorest City!" Inside, it says "Happy Holidays."

The U.S. Census Bureau determined that Cleveland was the poorest big city in the nation in 2005, its second such ranking in three years.

"Obviously, our intent is not to make light of the issue. It's just a satirical form of humor that plays well with a certain segment of the population," said Laurie Henrichsen, spokeswoman for American Greetings, based in the suburb of Brooklyn. "We realize it's not for everyone."

The card was one of 10 test-marketed at three locations, Henrichsen said. Only a few were available, and they have been rotated out of circulation, she said.

The cards were a takeoff on the old "Greetings from" tourist postcards and meant to take a humorous look at news and political events, she said.

She said she could not discuss whether the cards would be more widely distributed in the future.

American Greetings is the nation's second largest greeting cards maker after Hallmark Cards Inc.

When Pigs Fly … or Jump

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — A 500-pound pig that jumped out of a moving truck onto Interstate 205 is living the good life — for now.

The pig, previously identified by a livestock auction number, 339, gained a name — Freeway — as well as a new home at Pigs R Us, a Brush Prairie farm owned by Randy and Betty Goggin.

"I feel like she's got history," said Betty Goggin, who has raised pigs for more than 25 years. "She's a survivor."

The farm has 100 other pigs, 75 goats, seven cows, three horses, two dogs and about seven cats, she said.

Betty Goggin said Freeway will have at least a year to live, and if she shows herself to be a good breeder she'll gain a new lease on life.

Freeway launched herself over the 4-foot side of a livestock trailer on Dec. 4, possibly by climbing over other pigs. Her tough hide and thick layer of fat likely helped her escape serious injury, Betty Goggin said.

When state troopers could not immediately find any animal control officers to transport the pig, they called the Goggins.

The Goggins later traced and contacted the Clark County farmer who had purchased the pig at auction that day and arranged to keep her.

I Bet the Guy With the Gun Won That Fight

FORT PIERCE, Fla. (AP) — Two men were arrested on battery charges after a road rage incident led one to attack the other with deer antlers and then a handgun, authorities said.

Ronny White, 35, and Keith Ransford, 23, were booked Thursday at the St. Lucie County jail for alleged aggravated assault. Both were later freed on bond, said sheriff's Sgt. Andy McIntosh.

A telephone message left for White was not immediately returned. Ransford's telephone rang unanswered.

"They got into a first altercation and the one guy tries to attack the second guy with deer antlers," McIntosh said. "It's not an everyday occurrence."

White and Ransford got into an altercation while driving along U.S. 1 in Ft. Pierce, McIntosh said. The men stopped, and White attempted to attack Ransford with the deer antlers, authorities said. Both men got back in their cars, crashed into each other, then stopped again about a block away, according to the sheriff's report.

Ransford then allegedly rammed his vehicle into White's car. White pulled out a handgun and fired one shot into Ransford's vehicle, the report stated. Neither men suffered serious injuries.

An investigation was ongoing.

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