Lisa Live: Britney Spears 'Toxic' to Justin Timberlake?

Everyone’s talking about Britney Spears, except for one key player from her past: Justin Timberlake.

While promoting his film "Alpha Dog," Timberlake was asked his thoughts on Britney by new FOX News Entertainment producer Ashley Dvorkin.

It’s a fair question, given that the two grew up together on the "Mickey Mouse Club," came of age together as pop superstars and conducted a very high-profile romance during which they were all too willing to be photographed in those cheesy his-and-hers outfits (go back and look up those powder blue threads if you don’t remember).

But Timberlake would say nothing about Britney. In fact, he waved his hand and uttered "No comment" faster than you can say "Future Sex/Love Sounds" — the title of his Grammy-nominated album. Clearly he’s not interested in making any kind of love sounds about the woman with whom he’s had past sex.

The new Justin — the one who's transitioning into a "serious" actor, gets kudos from the Grammys, dates movie star Cameron Diaz and even has his own clothing line – does not want to be associated with a tabloid train wreck who’s yet to prove she can get her life back on track.

From a business perspective it’s understandable, for the reasons above. But from a personal standpoint, Timberlake could have been more of a stand-up guy. How hard is it to say something like, "I’m not sure about the headlines, but I wish Britney success"?

To steal one of her song titles, I guess Britney’s former lover really does view her as "Toxic."

(By the way, look for video of the Justin Timberlake interview next week on

'Shepherd' Jolie Has Press Flocking Like Sheep

It’s funny, "The Good Shepherd" may be the biggest film of Matt Damon’s career — but most of the hype is over Angelina Jolie.

The film is Damon’s — and the taut political thriller succeeds due to the seething restraint of his career CIA career operative.

Jolie’s emotionally mercurial performance as his predatory though spurned wife is key to further showing how dispassionate Damon’s character can be, but that’s about it. She’s one of several supporting players who effectively serve this purpose — she just looks a whole lot better doing it.

Granted, it’s been a while since Jolie has talked. She’s wisely positioned herself as a sort of do-gooder Greta Garbo … a sexy enigma with babies slung on her arms.

At movie premieres, the "lesser" stars (supporting players) usually walk the red carpet first, the bigger ones making a dramatic entrance at the end.

So costars such as John Turturro, and the fabulous Lee Pace (look him up and rent whatever he’s been in — trust me) and even director and costar Robert De Niro, amiably spoke to the press before Damon and Jolie arrived.

But Damon never loses that aw-shucks regular guy persona at these things. Even if he’s faking it, it works (and by all accounts he’s not — Damon’s one of the most beloved guys in Hollywood).

Jolie, on the other hand, plays the part of a movie star to the hilt. There are the lingering, pouty poses for the paparazzi, and the fluttering bit of nervousness when talking to select members of the press.

Few are allowed to stand on the red carpet at a Jolie premiere — most members of the media are relegated to behind a metal fence.

Is this the same "earthy" woman who’s willing to fight for children’s rights in far-reaching places of the world?

Granted, she appears to be doing a lot of good. It’s just jarring to sometimes see her sporting a Louis Vuitton bag while traveling to do it. Does it make her a hypocrite? On some level, maybe.

Does it make her press savvy? Definitely — as this reporter and several others have devoted much ink and airtime to both her earthy and ethereal ways.

Sorry, Matt.