What a day! What a weekend ahead!!

I happened to mention on air a gift that I was trying to find and someone kindly e-mailed me to let me know where to locate one. Well, that got me to thinking that we all need to help each other this Hanukkah and Christmas.

First, if there is a gift you have tried to find and can’t, e-mail me at e.d.hill@foxnews.com. While I don’t have a huge staff, we do have some pretty good resources and we’ll try to locate it for you. If we can, we’ll e-mail you the information.

Next, we’re all shipping things out and it gets expensive. We’re all trying to keep costs down. So, I found this Website, www.redroller.com, and thought you might want to know about it.
You enter your zip code and the zip code you are mailing to and it shows you how much it will cost through a number of shippers. I did it and there was a huge difference in the cost. I was really shocked! I assumed they’d all be about the same price. Anyway, give it a try.

We are highlighting great holiday items this entire month and you can find the complete list at www.hillfriends.com.

Have a wonderful weekend!


You can reach me at e.d.hill@foxnews.com or through my Web site: www.hillfriends.com where I also have a review of Bill O’Reilly’s new book.

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