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Question 1: On Monday, celebutante Nicole Richie was arrested for driving under the influence after she was spotted traveling the wrong direction on a California highway. Richie, 25, rose to fame on the reality show "The Simple Life," on which she co-starred with which on-and-off again best friend?

A. Britney Spears
B. Lindsay Lohan

C. Paris Hilton
D. Nicky Hilton

Need a hint? Get the FOX Facts: California Highway Patrol Statement on Nicole Richie Arrest!

Question 2: On Monday, in a farewell speech to a crowd in Independence, Mo., outgoing U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan harshly criticized the Bush administration's foreign policy and said the U.S. bullies other nations. Which president was instrumental in the founding of the United Nations in 1945?

A. George Washington
B. Harry S. Truman
C. Franklin D. Roosevelt
D. Dwight Eisenhower

Need a hint? Click here for the full text of Kofi Annan's speech (pdf).

Question 3: On Tuesday, British detectives continued their hunt for a serial killer — who preys on prostitutes — after discovering two more bodies, bringing the death toll to five in the last 10 days. The killing has conjured the memories of the so-called Yorkshire Ripper — also known as Peter Sutcliffe — one of Britain's worst serial killers. How many women did Sutcliffe admit to killing during the 1970s?

A. 10
B. 11
C. 12

D. 13

Need a hint? Click here to go to's Europe Center.

Question 4: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's controversial Holocaust conference came to an end on Tuesday. David Duke, former leader of the Ku Klux Klan and former Louisiana state representative, said that the gas chambers were not used to kill Jews. Top leaders from which of the following countries did not attend the Iranian sponsored conference in Tehran?

A. Britain
B. United States
C. Germany

D. All of the above

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Question 5: On Tuesday, federal agents raided six Swift & Co. meat processing plants in six different states in search of illegal immigrants who stole what?

A. beef and pork
B. Food and Drug Administration report
C. USDA food safety policy on E. coli

D. the identities of U.S. residents

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Question 6: On Tuesday, Peter Boyle, best known to today's television viewers as Raymond's cranky father on "Everybody Loves Raymond," died at the age of 71. What was Boyle's signature line on the hit sitcom?

A. "No Soup for You!"
B. "How You Doin'?"
C. "Holy Crap!"
D. "Seriously!?"

Need a hint? Click here for Peter Boyle's filmography.

Question 7: On Tuesday, just a day after reaching the international space station, astronauts from the space shuttle Discovery were forced to seek shelter from what?

A. lightning
B. radiation
C. Martians
D. space balls

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Question 8: A defense motion filed on Wednesday in the Duke lacrosse case contains a report from a private lab, hired by the prosecution, which reveals that the DNA found in the accuser's body did not belong to any of the accused players. This is not the first bombshell to hit this case; what else is true?

A. The district attorney, Mike Nifong, has been accused of "prosecutorial misconduct" and violating the defendants' civil rights
B. The DNA findings were not reported immediately to defense lawyers, as is required by law, or turned over to the defense until October
C. The accused filed a complaint in 1996 saying she was raped by three other men

D. All of the above

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Question 9: On Thursday, a defiant Mohammed al Fayed rejected a government report that ruled the deaths of his son Dodi and Princess Diana in 1997 were accidents, clinging to the belief their deaths were the result of a royal conspiracy. How did the couple die?

A. They drowned in the Paris Seine river
B. They were shot to death in Paris

C. Their car crashed in a Paris tunnel
D. None of the above

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Question 10: Research shows that U.S. office workers get interrupted on the job as often as 11 times an hour, mostly from instant messaging, online shopping, and e-mail notifications. How much are these interruptions estimated to cost U.S. businesses each year?

A. $588 billion
B. $588 million
C. $58 billion
D. $58 million

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Bonus: This past weekend, outgoing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld went to Iraq to visit the troops for the final time before leaving office. Which FNC reporter traveled with him?

A. Bill O'Reilly
B. Alan Colmes

C. Sean Hannity
D. Greta Van Susteren

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