Find out How to Crack the Rubik's Cube Code

Rubik’s Cube Genius

I hope you were able to catch today’s segment on Tyson Mao, the young man responsible for teaching Will Smith and Oprah how to solve a Rubik’s cube, and fast! Tyson is able to solve one of these cubes in less than 15 seconds! Amazing! He came on today and gave us some tips on how we can crack the code of the cube:

Tyson’s 5 Simple Steps to Solving the Rubik’s Cube:

1. Use the centers as a guide. Put the white pieces around the white center, and put the red pieces around the red center.
2. Try to find each piece on the Rubik’s Cube and decide where it belongs before making random turns.
3. Solve layers, not faces. If you get a face, try to get the side edge around the face to match in color.
4. Break and fix. You can break apart certain groups, and fix them in a certain way to accomplish your goals (note he’s not suggesting that you actually break the cube, rather break the sequence of colors).
5. Move pieces, not stickers. The stickers are physically attached to certain pieces. Middle stickers always stay in the middle and never end up on the corners.

Forget Something Mom?

Wait a minute! I’ve heard of leaving your dog in the car while you run a quick errand, but you always have to bring the kids in with you! A mother in Arizona must have got this mixed up when she decided to take her dog into the store with her, but not her baby. This mom left her two-year old son in the car while she went to buy a Christmas present. As she headed for the store she told a parking attendant, “I’ll be quick, don’t tell anybody.”

But somebody told, because Gardenia Zakrzewski-Johansson was arrested in the parking lot when she returned from her 30 minute shopping spree. And as if leaving her child unattended wasn’t bad enough, the woman was uncooperative when being arrested and insisted that she didn’t do anything wrong. Zakrzewski-Johansson claims that the parking attendants were watching her child, but the last time I checked parking attendants didn’t get paid to baby-sit.

Authentic Autographs

Ever buy an item signed by your favorite celebrity? Ever wonder if the autograph is authentic? If you bought the item from Donna or Mark Rubin you can be sure you got the real deal. The couple is very particular about the signed memorabilia that they sell in their store.

They once had a man come in when Mike Gartner played for the New York Rangers in the early 90's and had recently scored his 600th career goal at Madison Square Garden. The stick he used to score the goal went to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. But a young man came into their store trying to sell them the "exact" game-used stick Gartner had used to score the goal. When the couple informed him that the stick went to the Hall of Fame, he told them it was the "other" stick he used! Funny, it would be a neat trick if Gartner used two sticks to score the one goal! They said the gentleman really didn't have an answer for that one.

If you are interested in ordering authentically autographed items, you can visit the couple’s website at

Holiday Gifts

Today we featured the cutest decorative Christmas tree ornaments called Flurries made by Laurel Nelson for Silvestri. We also featured for some tasty gifts! To get more details on these products and many more, log on to my Web site and click on "The Christmas List" to get a complete list of fabulous gift ideas! We will continue to feature great gifts you can give this holiday season, so keep watching.

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