Is Laffy Taffy playing a joke on you?

A mysterious punch line printed on Nestle's iconic Laffy Taffy wrapper has sparked frenzy among enthusiasts of the sticky snack, over a joke that no one seems to get.

Is the joke on you? Watch the exclusive video and cast your opinion on this candy outcry.

Video: Laffy Taffy — Delicious Treat, or Public Menace?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"Good grief ... not only is the joke lame, but the time I spent on it is too. You got me. I got sucked right into the controversy. No wonder other countries think we're all a bunch of nut cases." — Donna

"Bad editing = free advertisement." — Thomas

"The joke isn't funny … well, most Laffy Taffy jokes aren't funny, but most of them make sense. The reference is also not as dated as many people have made it out to be. There was a Flash Gordon movie done a few years ago starring Topol and Max von Sydow with a title song by Queen." — Johnny (Houston, TX)

"Good grief! It's a play on words, for cryin' out loud! It must be a slow news day." — Charles

"I totally get the joke! However, like so many of today's TV commercials and advertisements, it is NOT funny! I can't figure out who gives the OK for this type of so-called humor. I mean, somewhere in some big executive boardroom, there are people actually getting paid to think up this junk … and then they have the nerve to spoon-feed it to us! I'm totally sick of it." — Lisa

"Flash Garden/ Flash Gordon — it was such a stupid show that was on so long ago that the old viewers are now mostly 'vegetables.' Sick." — Anonymous

"Who cares?" — Mike

"I'm of the opinion that the joke is supposed to be a pun on the name 'Flash Gordon.' However, even if that is the case, it still doesn't really make sense. The superhero that is known for having super-speed is 'The Flash.' 'Flash Gordon' is a character in science fiction stories and as far as I know, he isn't any faster than the average human." — Brent

"That is mind-numbing, I now have no thoughts! However, when presented to my co-worker he railed on and on. I now have no hope for society. We are doomed." — Van

"I think the answer 'Flash Garden' is a play on the decades old Flash Gordon movie. He was fast; he was handsome; but he wasn't funny. Kind of like the joke." — Greta

"It's clearly a conspiracy. I predict Oliver Stone will have the explanation in a few years. Until then, we can only wonder." — Rob (Leland, MS)

"I believe the joke makes sense, it just needs to be reworded: What garden produces vegetables fastest?/ Which garden has the fastest vegetables?/ Which garden grows the fastest vegetables?" — Anonymous

"My husband JUST opened a wrapper last night and that is what it said! WE DIDNT GET IT EITHER! It's funny that the day after it happened, it was on! "— Sarah

"I think it means that a flash garden grows quick, like in a flash." — Sue

"Wow, I wasted a whole minute and 47 seconds. I actually watched the whole video hoping that I would be surprised by some cute answer at the end. Alas, I feel cheated. Please keep us posted." — Bob (Chesapeake, VA)

"If it had said, 'Who grows the fastest vegetables?' that would have been better. Maybe it was done through a translator and something was lost in the translation." — Kim

"I don't get it, why would they put that joke there? Somebody help me understand." — Beth

"It is a horribly stupid question and answer that does not qualify as a joke. It's not even as funny as, 'What can hold the largest number of vegetables?' 'Supercan.'"— Anonymous

"Even if it is supposed to be a pun on Flash Gordon - it still doesn't make sense! WOW! When you find out let us all know!" — Jennifer

Apparently no one at Willy Wonka decided to read the joke before they posted it on millions of their candies. But the person that submitted the joke wrote it wrong. The correct joke goes: "Which garden has the fastest growing vegetables?" Answer: Flash Garden. So ... America isn't stupid, just the editors at Willy Wonka. — Matt

"Nope, I don't get it either. I love Laffy Taffy jokes, they are usually silly and get a giggle out of me … but this one? Thanks for great reporting on the important stuff; I hope you can find the dumb joke culprit." — Michelle (Sparks, NV)

"My kids go absolutely nuts over all of the jokes on the Laffy Taffy candies they got over Halloween. We did run across that joke - It is the overwhelming consensus at our house that the joke in question is no joke at all. We feel as though it is a secret code, a code most likely planted by those Al Qaeda terrorists. The same ones that blow stuff up and generally disrupt the simple lives of regular folk. I say that we should ban all Laffy Taffy candy. I think Tootsie Rolls are a tool of all the non-dental hygiene factions. And those regular little round mints they give after dinner in restaurants - they just plain out stink. So choose your candy wisely. You never know what cause you may be secretly perpetuating! And has anyone investigated this Willy Wonka guy yet?" — George

"I think we should ask the Baker Commission to find out the meaning of flash garden." — Shannon, (Kentucky)

"I am a Children’s Minister and have been reading Laffy Taffy wrappers as a joke of the day for 10 years. We read this same joke a few weeks ago and were totally perplexed. Though not all wrappers are funny but we can usually make sense of most of them. This joke made no sense to any of us and we can’t explain the meaning. I saw your story and thought it was hysterical. Kudos to you and please let us know what you come up with." — Montie (Little Rock, AR)

"Shy of getting the correct answer from Florence, the answer doesn't really matter. It may very well be a subtle, though powerful, marketing ploy that costs next to nothing. Hooray for Nestle!" — Rick (Annapolis, MD)

"With this kind of exposure, Laffy Taffy should have a surge in sales. Total ridiculousness to me."
Roxanna (Boca Raton, FL)

"The woman on the video is right. It's a pun on the comic character 'Flash Gordon.' First, you have to be at least 50 to even understand what this (bad) joke means, but it's in reference to the '30's serial Flash Gordon, which was populated with stupid (vegetable) characters." — Mark (Aiken, SC)

"Big deal, Laffy Taffy is having the last 'laff.' This is likely a variant of the 'Knock, Knock' jokes. Simply a play on words. It is not supposed to be intellectual! Get real folks! I’m 'laffin'' in Texas." — Joe (Texas)

"Hey! Laffy Taffy is only guilty of a pun and seriously dating themselves. Flash Gordon was a 1940 to 1950 comic book character." — Vic (Jackson-Pine Grove, CA)