What If We Discovered Life on Mars?

I'm sure you've all heard by now this tantalizing story from Mars that maybe — maybe — they've found signs the planet has water. And with that, maybe life.

I know, some are pooh-poohing it. But consider for a moment if we "did" find life — any kind of life. Imagine the implications. That in this vast solar system we call home, we're suddenly "not" the only life in the neighborhood.

Imagine then the possibilities for other systems. After all, the solar system is but a small Levittown development in a sea of much larger developments and galaxies and constellations.

If in such a small space we can find duplicate life forms, surely the odds improve measurably we can find many more life forms, in many more galaxies.

Suddenly our worldly travails seem smaller, our arguments pettier, our fixations cheaper.

Suddenly the things that divide Sunni and Shia seem parochial. Commenting on a pontiff's trip to a rowdy region, at best, quaint.

Suddenly, maybe hopefully, we see a greater meaning to our greater role in a galaxy that sees us in far greater cosmic terms.

I don't mean to dismiss our problems on Earth, just our constant carping that cheapens our behavior on Earth.

I like to think we are greater than the things that ail us. Maybe that's why I'm encouraged when I see the possibility, just the "hint" that there is, out there, more than us.

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