What's In a Name?

Good morning everyone!

Today was a big day with the Iraq Study Group (ISG) report being released. So much of the information was leaked to the press in the last few weeks. Much of the report was not "new" news. President Bush says he will take the report seriously and use it as one of many tools to fight the war in Iraq. Tomorrow on 'Fox & Friends' the reports' authors, Lee Hamilton and James Baker stop by.

Dick Morris weighed in on the show today, saying if Hillary Rodham Clinton wins the presidency in 2008 she'll want to be known as President Rodham, not President Clinton! Pure speculation only but food for thought.

Martin Luther King III also stopped by the show. His charity, "Realizing the Dream," kicks off an online auction today. For more information go to authmem.com. George Clooney will auction off a date as well as Dick Morris, saying he'll auction off training your child on how to win their high school class presidency election! Stay tuned for more on that.

Have a great day everyone!


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