Your Grrrs: Dec. 5, 2006

Everyone had something to say regarding Britney Spears' latest stunt.

S. Nelson in Dallas: Why must this child prove to the world that "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"? If she wants a career in porn, just go for it and leave our impressionable young women alone. As a teacher, it is hard enough to try to countermand what the street allows without having to overcome the behavior of someone like this.

Chris B. in Edmonds, Wash.: Has it occurred to anyone besides me that maybe B.S. (no pun intended) does not want her children? It wouldn't be the first time that a celebrity put career first and children way down the list. They would be better off with loving parents than these two flakes. I applaud your column.

Karen D. writes: How sad. The only true losers in this charade between Brit and K-Fed are their kids. In my opinion, neither of these people is a fit parent. Going pantyless isn't a crime, but flashing your private parts like she does sure makes one wonder what/if she's thinking. An immature little girl like this raising kids? I don't think so. Partying all night every night isn't loving your kids; reading them a night-night story, tucking them in with a loving kiss, telling them everything's OK and that you're here if they need you is. Who are the losers in this sick game? The children, of course.

Nicol M. writes: I have never been a huge fan of Brit, but come on. So she didn't wear panties. My mother does not wear panties, but that is no reflection of her duties as a mother. My mother has never worn panties. Nor does she wear a bra. She was no ho, just an Irish immigrant who did not feel the need.

Dennis B. writes: Kudos to you, Mike. If the rest of the country would think of what clowns like Hilton, Spears and Lohan represent to their children, then possibly their rise to fame would be dashed to a pile of rubble. Not only do their actions leave negative imprints to our youth, it leaves parents with a tough job of keeping the children making the right choices. Secondly, if the media would stop following and reporting on these people they might possibly fade away. The media keeps the embers burning to ignite another firestorm when one of these bimbos performs another outrageous stunt. Thanks for keeping it right.

Ruth C. in Md. on the double standard: If Britney were a man she'd be arrested for exposing herself.

Deb R. writes: Thanks for saying how decent parents feel about her. She is a no-morals mess. My daughter liked her in the beginning but won't buy her CDs anymore.

Walt C. in Gillette, Wy: With everything else going on in the world, I find it hard to believe that anything Britney does or doesn't do could be classified as news -- even entertainment news. She's not worth the paper her picture is printed on.

G.S.H. in Rogers, Ark.: Well, it won't happen in all likelihood, but I certainly agree that shunning Spears over her slutty behavior would be the smartest thing the public could do. Too bad the paparazzi won't go along. Imagine the shock if she and the Hilton tramp and all went out to party and nobody was there to take pictures. Could it be less fun for them, perhaps? Would be an interesting test to try for say two weeks. Now if that could be done, maybe some of these idiots who think that their "fame" gives them freedom from responsibility might just think again. Similarly, folks like DeVito could stand a little lesson in decent behavior. It's fine to think whatever you want about anyone, but to appear drunk on a show and mouth off so disrespectfully … especially the sick comment about behavior in the White House bedrooms. That is the attitude of an immature teen fantasy mind, not a responsible adult. In any case I may disagree with you on some other topics, but you hit the nail on the head with Ms. Spears. Maybe the children need to be taken by the grandparents, except we already know what kind of parents they turned out to be.

Emma in Ga.: I was just wondering if the guys who heckled Michael Richards will apologize to him for their behavior?

Vicki B. in Midland, Mich.: Hateful speech is disgusting -- from anybody. Apologies are due on both sides. Michael Richards will be financially punished for this incident by losing future bookings. The hecklers will not only not be penalized with future employment consequences, they may actually benefit from their hateful comments with a money judgment. God bless America, and please, God, bless equality.

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