Home Sweet Home

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

Welcome to another week of cable-casting and thanks for the many notes of concern about me in Kansas City last Friday, in zero degree wind-chill, WITHOUT A HAT! Because this is a behind the scenes blog, I have a secret for you, I put the hat on whenever I wasn't on TV. But it didn't help much, because it was really cold!

Of course, Kansas is where I grew up, and who says you can never go home again? I did and had a wonderful time!

Kansas City is also "FOX & Friends" highest-rated local market, which explains why so many people did show up in the bitter cold, at 5 a.m., despite the fact that the Winter Storm Warning had closed Interstate 70, all local schools for two days and drivers were encouraged not to drive. But drive they did to Crown Center where we set up an outdoor studio. One who visited — who I'm calling "The Spatula Lady" — got up at 4 a.m., went to her car, which was covered with snow and ice and then realized her ice scraper was in the trunk. Being resourceful, she went into the kitchen and got out a spatula, which she used effectively to scrape the windshield clean. Three other FOX Fans knew the roads would be impassable, so they checked into the Hyatt Regency (they got the Distressed Traveler Rate), so they'd be there when we started.

I spent most of the morning outside, but we were lucky enough to jump inside for a few segments with Larry Stewart the now world famous Secret Santa (he watches "FOX & Friends" every day too), and a first peek at President Bush's holiday card, made by Hallmark. They printed over a million, but if you haven't received yours yet, you're probably not going to, they went out last week.

The night before, "FOX & Friends" producer Jennifer Williams and I went over to the City Union Mission, which is the largest homeless shelter of its kind in a four state area. It was the coldest night of the year and every bed in the city was filled. They had 275 men staying in their Men's Center. They only had 190 beds. The rest slept on mattresses on the chapel floor.

Jennifer and I served a hearty meal of chicken and rice followed by pumpkin pie to those inside. I'd been in many homeless shelters before, but this was different, it was filled with families. Moms and dads with their kids, who if they weren't here might be outside trying to sleep in their car, or under a bridge. It was a moving visit and Jen and I both were privileged to have been invited. (Check out the photos we've posted). The folks from City Union Mission joined our live show, and my favorite BBQ place in the world, Gates and Sons, dropped by with a scrumptious platter of "Q" and promised to help the mission feed the poor this winter with a great meal.

I must tell you I was so impressed with the work there, please allow me to pass along their Web site address. If you're looking for a wonderful place to put your charity dollar, please consider them this Christmas season. Their donation site is: www.cumission.org/give.htm

After our live show I spent the day warming up, and then went to the Uptown Theatre to sign copies of my funny book about marriage, "The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook" (a NY Times bestseller!). Look at the photo gallery for the marquee! For autographed copies — it's the perfect Christmas gift — visit www.happyhandbook.com

While the weather undoubtedly kept some from making the trip to the Uptown Theatre, I was thrilled to see a few very familiar faces in the crowd, my friend Mogie, who I worked with at KAKE-TV in Wichita dropped by and so did Janet Mugler, who was one year ahead of me in high school, and she showed up to get copies of my book signed for her husband Neil and her parents, Walter and Evelyn. Evelyn was my school bus driver for about 10 years growing up!

Whoever said you can never go home, wasn't from Kansas!

See you in the morning!

Steve Doocy

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