GRRR! Mommy, Where Is Your Underwear?

Britney Spears' no-panties stunt is a disgusting abuse of power.

Spears knew damn well that the paparazzi would zoom in on her naked private parts and C-section scar while she was going pantyless in Vegas, laying forever to rest the notion that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

If anyone wants to see the uncensored pics of Britney's private parts, the sad sight is on the Internet. But I warn you, the fantasies you may have harbored in the "Oops ... I Did It Again" years are not realized in these pics.

Britney Spears Parties With Paris Hilton, Leaves Underwear at Home

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Instead, you might think you're looking at some fourth-rate nudie mag that you might find in a cigarette bodega on some city side-street next to a 24-hour check-cashing store.

Britney is skanky. Plain and simple.

Now I know why Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton adopted Spears in the first place. Pictured together, Lohan and Hilton look like a million bucks — even after a night of hard partying.

Considering Spears is in a custody battle with her soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Federline, these pics are going to be used as evidence of the unfit-to-be-a-parent argument that Federline is certain to use.

And no matter what "ironclad" prenup there reportedly is between the doomed couple, Federline is pretty much guaranteed a huge payday now.

Spears has put her divorce lawyers on the defensive with her partying, and a large cash settlement will be the only way to make Kevin fade away.

Way to go, Brit.

But she's not worried, I assure you. Just look what happened to pal Hilton when her sex tape was plastered all over the Internet.

Not only did Hilton and co-star Rick Solomon strike a deal with the movie's distributor to get a cut of the profit, but Hilton saw her star rise to levels of fame she only dreamed of. What should have been a career killer was actually a boon.

Perhaps the notion of pantyless Brit was concocted by Hilton herself.

It's up to you America, to reject this disrespectful young woman, who has no regard for you and your children (not to mention her own), and who would spread her legs for the world to see — very deliberately.

Do not buy her new CD when it comes out. The only thing that will change this "coarse" of action is to hit her where it hurts the most. And since a kick to the groin apparently doesn't hurt enough, perhaps a flopped comeback will let her know that we've had enough.


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